Top 6 Benefits of Buying a Property in Karachi

Highlights of the Post:

Greater ROIs for properties in Karachi
Availability of Beach Houses
Get Job Opportunities in Karachi
Save up on Hotel bookings
Ease of access to facilities and transportation
Availability of tourist locations

It is no secret that the city of lights is also the land of opportunities. Being the financial engine of Pakistan, the city is home to the country’s major industries including real estate – that serves around 20 million people. If you have ever wondered whether property investment in Karachi is a good decision, let’s take you through some of the advantages of buying a property in Karachi. 

Key Advantages of Property Investment in Karachi 

Advantages of Property Investment in Karachi

Buying a house in Karachi might sound like a brilliant idea for a lot of people. However, it is one of the biggest commitments you’ll ever make. The process requires a lot of legwork and deliberations since there are various investment opportunities in Karachi.

The city provides easy access to the beach, a number of property options, and living options that one might not find in the rest of Pakistan. 

The benefits for property investment in Karachi are countless, here we have hand-picked some of the key reasons why investing in Karachi is a smart move: 

  • High Return on Investments (ROI)
  • Possibility of a Beach House
  • Better Employment Opportunities
  • Bid Farewell to Motels & Hotels
  • Lifestyle, Facilities, & Mass Transit
  • Tourist Situations around and near the city 

Now, let’s discuss each of these in detail. 

High Return on Investments 

The real estate market of Karachi is flourishing everyday. Any investment that is made in property provides an amazing return on investment (ROI). When discussing the city’s real estate market, there are two main ways to maximise your ROIs:

  • Properties can be rented out for residential or commercial purposes depending on the zoning laws. 
  • Many investors in Karachi keep the property at hold, until the prices rise. When they do, property owners tend to sell it to make a considerable amount of profit. 

Having listed the possible ways of ROIs, it’s important to remember that you can’t just enter the market, buy a property, and expect high ROI. There are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration when selecting a property for investment purposes.

These factors include the location of the property, the condition, the prices, and much more. With Jagah Online, you can easily browse through a number of investment opportunities in Karachi, and choose the one that fits all your requirements. 

Possibility of a Beach House 

Being a beach town is one of the major highlights of Karachi. Not to mention, the city hosts a good number of housing projects that are built near the sea. While many of us dream about living by the sea, beach houses are an actual possibility in this city. 

Moreover, investing in a beach house is a lot more than aesthetics. Beach houses are perfect for investors who want a subsequent profit from their properties. A number of beach house owners often put up their beach houses on rent in peak picnic seasons, this earns them a considerable amount of profit. 

Beach houses in Karachi, makeup for extremely beautiful vacation spots for those residing in the city or elsewhere. For those looking to invest in beach houses can see a number of property options in and near Clifton, DHA, Hawks Bay, Kemari Beach, and French Beach.

Better Employment Opportunities 

Karachi has been home to immigrants for as long as we remember, people from all over the country come to Karachi with a number of aspirations. This is because a number of major seaports of Pakistan are in Karachi, which creates various job opportunities. Meanwhile, Gwadar Port is situated quite close to the coastal area of the city.  

Being dotted with commercial ports, a large number of industries are based in Karachi. The city is a major hub for both local and international businesses. All of these industries create a number of job opportunities every year, which makes employment one of the key benefits of buying properties in Karachi.

Bid Farewell to Motels & Hotels

Save the money you spend on hotels.

For people who don’t reside in Karachi, but make frequent trips could benefit largely from investing in the city’s real estate. It becomes a hassle when you have to make a sudden visit, and there are no rooms available in hotels and motels. If you make frequent visits, it helps you save money on hotels. 

Buying a property, for people who make multiple visits to Karachi within a short span of time can prove to be extremely beneficial, since not only will it save you money on hotels, but instead it will also allow you to put your property up for rent, during the times when you’re not in the city. 

Lifestyle, Facilities, & Mass Transit  

Karachi has a rich lifestyle when it comes to facilities such as healthcare, education, and mass transit. These facilities are facilities readily available for both locals and visitors. 

To begin with, the city has a huge transportation network, be it public or private transport. If anyone thinks about property investment in Karachi, commute is not one of the major concerns that need to be addressed. If you’re new in the city, you can get intimidated by the vastness of the city. However, once you get a little familiar with the routes, you will feel welcomed.

Karachi boasts a good mix of transportation options. To figure your way around the city, you can opt for private cars, rent-a-car services, rickshaws, taxis, airports, railways, and even public buses. 

Apart from transportation, Karachi hosts a number of shopping centres, hospitals, recreational facilities, educational institutions, fitness centres, and lot more. As long as you live in the city centre, you will have a number of daily life essentials including transport, stores, and hospitals available at an arm’s length. 

Tourist Hot-spots in the City 

Want to experience fine-dining near sea? Or looking for historical museums and art galleries? Karachi has something for everyone. 

We’ve talked about the economical, and social aspects that prove to be key factors when thinking about property investment in Karachi. It’s time we take into consideration the tourist attractions in the city. 

Here are top 3 tourist spots within Karachi, we’d recommend you visit; 

Frere Hall, Karachi

Frere Hall, located between the Abdullah Road and Fatima Jinnah road, its right opposite Marriot Hotel. It is one of the most iconic buildings in Karachi, was built in the British colonial era. The Gothic and Venetian building was initially built to serve the purpose of a town hall, for Karachi, however now it serves as an exhibition space and library. Frere Hall is used as one of the locations for a number of protests, and social-economic activities. 

Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Located in block 5, Clifton, Mohatta Palace is one of the most famous tourists’ spots in the city. It was initially built on the demand of businessman Shivratan Mohatta for his ailing wife, so that she may recover. It was later obtained by the government of Pakistan, and was home to Fatima Ali Jinnah. After her demise Mohatta Palace was turned into a historical museum by the Government of Sindh. 

Largest Mosque in Pakistan – Tooba Masjid 

In the midst of DHA, Karachi, Masjid-e-Tooba is one of the most astonishing, and heart-warming tourist sights to behold. One of the key features of Tooba Masjid are its large, round dome designs. It is rumoured to be the only mosque in the world that has the largest domes. It’s built with pure white marbles, that makes the exterior as astonishing as the interiors of the mosque! If you’re somebody who enjoys visiting mosques, and enjoy their history, you should read more about the 6 biggest mosques in Pakistan, on our blogs! 

Apart from these three major historical tourist spots, there is a lot more that you can explore in Karachi. One major advantage of property investment in Karachi is that whether you want to explore a number of restaurants, beaches, or historical spots, the megalopolis will never disappoint you.

There are a number of tourist spots near the outskirts of the city including Kirthar National Park, Keti Bunder, Bhanbore, etc. 

Even though we’ve given you a number of reasons why making real estate investments in Karachi is advantageous, here are a few more highlights you might want to hear about to make a well-informed decision:

  • Karachi is home to top medical, engineering, business universities including NED, Aga Khan University, Dow Medical College, Iqra University, Karachi University, etc. 
  • The city is home to Pakistan’s first international airbase i.e. Jinnah International Airport 
  • There’s a good mix of public and private educational institutions in the city 

There is a plethora of advantages of property investment in Karachi while we have listed only a few. 

We have discussed several reasons why you should be investing in properties in Karachi; some of these reasons include the availability of facilities and transportation, high return on investments on property, and better employment opportunities, etc. 

For more details about tourist spots, you can read up tourism blogs on our website, in order to make better informed decisions when planning your next trip. 

If you have any questions, want to send in your feedback, or want to make a suggestion; email us at or visit our website for suitable, affordable, and a range of real estate options for Karachi.