How to Convert Millions, Billions, and Trillions into Lakh, Crore, and Arab?

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Convert million, billion, and trillion into lakh, crore, and arab
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Do you always get confused while calculating huge figures like million, billion, and trillion? Fret not! We have compiled this blog for individuals who find it difficult to convert million, billion, and trillion into lakh, crore, and arab. 

For your convenience, we have divided this blog into easy to comprehend parts. First, we will take a look at some of the ways to convert million, billion, and trillion into lakh, crore, and arab. Afterwards, we will give you a comparison chart in Urdu. In the end, we will list some investment tips on how to maximise profits and convert million into crore. You can use the links above to get to your desired section. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

Easy Ways to Convert Million, Billion, Trillion into Lakh, Crore, and Arab

There are basically two ways to convert million into lakh, billion into crore, and other such figures into Urdu numbering system including: 

  • Manual Conversion of Units 
  • Online Conversion Calculators  

Manual Conversion of Units 

Manual Conversion of Units
Manual conversion of units into numbers

As per the infographic above, manually converting the units to numbers is not rocket science that requires intelligence. The conversion requires a simple formula and all you need to remember the exact number of zeros before a number. 

For instance, you want to convert 6 crore into numbers. You will count the zeros required to make a million. Now, just put the number before the zeros. 6 crore will be converted into 60,000,000. 

Online Conversion Calculators 

The Internet has made everything extremely easy. We have access to various applications and online software programmes that can convert currency and numbers in the blink of an eye. Using these websites, applications, and programmes, you can convert Urdu units into international and vice versa.

Comparison Charts in Urdu 

As the image above reads, the conversion of international numbers into Urdu numbers is extremely easy.  One hundred thousand is 1 lakh, one million is 10 lakh, while ten million is 1 crore. 

We will give you some examples of conversion  via real estate and property values. 

Let’s say there’s an apartment for sale in Karachi that wears the tag price of 4 crore Pakistani Rupees (PKR). If the buyer is not aware of Urdu numbering system, they will have difficulty in finding the conversion of this value into the international numeral system.

Now, let’s get back to the infographic above which suggests that crore equals to ten million. Translated into the international numbering system, the apartment will cost PKR 4 million in words and PKR 40,000,000 in numbers. 

We will present you another example. Supposedly, you want to want to buy a house in Lahore that costs PKR 7,600,000. Converting this value into an international numeral system tells us that it will be PKR 7.6 million, while in Urdu numeral system, it will be PKR 76 lakh. 

Moving forward, we have given you the formula for converting numbers into words and vice versa. However,  Jagah Online has made it extremely easy for users to convert PKR into USD and AED. Without putting any efforts, you can see the conversion of USD into AED and PKR, AED into USD and PKR, and PKR into AED and USD.  

How to Maximise Your Profits – Some Investment Tips for Beginners 

Maximising your profits is a tricky business if you are not aware of some basics. You can either end up losing all your investment or generating the double of what you have now – the only thing you need is to identify the beginning point and figure out your plan.  

That being said, here are some ways to convert million into a crore, if you chose to invest in any of these industries:

  • Food Business 
  • Freelancing Services 
  • Rent Your Property 

Food Business 

Owing to the growing tourism in Pakistan, the food business is a great way to convert your million into a crore. Although the country is full of food streets, cafes, high-end eateries, and bakeries, there is always a demand for more. You can open up a chai dhaba, small café, or even a burger joint. Make sure that the place attracts a lot of tourists and you will be making profits in no time.

Freelancing Services 

Do you have a flair for writing for designing? Or have any skill that can easily get you some freelancing opportunities? Well, if you are looking to earn from the comfort of your home, there are various online portals. Writer, graphic designer, and social media manager are some of the professionals that can offer their services online and earn from it. Not to mention, you can even start your own website and make profits via Google ads. 

Rent Your Property 

Do you have some extra space in your house that can be used for commercial use? List your property for rent at Jagah Online today and earn subsequent profits. 

Commercial properties can be used easily to convert million into a crore. Whether it is a shop, warehouse, factory, or lawn – as long as it can be used for business, you can earn profits. In case you are looking for commercial properties to let out, check out our website. From shops in Karachi to commercial buildings in Islamabad for commercial use – we’ve you covered. 

So, these were some of the ways to convert million, billion, and trillion into lakh, crore, and arab. Besides free calculators and conversion charts, we have also shared some money-making tips for converting million into a crore. In case you have something to share, write to us at

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