KMC Green Karachi Campaign Brings Vitality to the City

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation held an inauguration ceremony for the plantation campaign on Tuesday at Bagh-e-Jinnah. Around 500 saplings were planted to kick start the campaign. KMC administrator Mr Laeeq Ahmed has announced that over 100,000 saplings would be planted in various areas of the city to make Karachi more pleasing to the eyes.

The aim of KMC Green Karachi campaign is not only to make the city more vibrant, but creating a healthy environment to counter the effect of the industrial activity of the city. Not only would the campaign bring vibrancy to the city, it would also create a healthy social environment, as various organisations have joined hands to create a long lasting effect. 

 The key stakeholders of the campaign are:

  • Dawat-e-Islami (FGRF)
  • Institute of Business Management (IOBM)
  • Rotary International
  • Jafaria Disaster Cell (JDC)
  • Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI)

For better and efficient resource distribution, the KMC Green Karachi campaign is divided into five different phases:

  1. Meetings with stakeholders
  2. Survey of roads
  3. Planning of resource generation & mobilisation
  4. Inauguration of plantation in different areas
  5. Maintenance of all trees by KMC

Parks and Horticulture Department of KMC have decided to cover areas like, Korangi Industrial Area, Malir Cantt, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Shahrah-e-Pakistan, University Road and more. As covering an area of approximately 10.9 km will take a lot of manpower, 11 teams have been formed consisting of 50+ volunteering students, while asking the residents of the city to actively take part in the campaign.

Furthermore, suggestions by the experts would also be taken for the selection of plants, and the areas in dire need of plantation.

We hope that this initiative taken by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation will bear fruit, and create a healthy and sustainable environment. For more news about the current affairs of Pakistan, stay updated with JagahOnline Blogs, and follow us on Facebook as well.