The Revival of Karachi Circular Railway

Karachi Circular Railway:
Latest Update

According to the latest updates issued by Pakistan Railways, Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) is all set to begin its operations from November 16. The first phase of the revived railway line in Karachi will cover 60 km [from Pipri to Orangi] with a scheduled gap of three hours. In this blog, we have discussed everything you need to know about the project – from fares to route map. 

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Karachi Circular Railway – Past & Present

About Karachi Circular Railways
The first ever Karachi Circular Railway train started in 1969

In a metropolitan city like Karachi, mass transit is the need of the hour. If you don’t own a vehicle and commute on a daily basis, transportation can be challenging. Cab fares are high, buses are crowded, and rickshaws can be inconvenient – amidst all this chaos, finding a convenient commute option can feel like a blessing. 

It all began in 1962, when the idea for the circular railway system in Karachi was first floated by President Ayub Khan to make intra-city travelling easier and affordable. Soon after the idea was proposed, the first ever train of the KCR network started its journey in 1969. The initial route that the KCR trains followed was from Karachi City Station to Drigh Road Station. 

The old railway line was extended multiple times to incorporate more areas around the city. However, the monetary loss and some other unfavourable circumstances led to the operations of the train network completely shutting down in the late 1990s. 

Latest Updates on Karachi Circular Railway 

As a part of recognising urban mobility issues and developing a solution to the problem, Pakistan Railways planned to relaunch KCR multiple times in the past. 

According to the latest updates, Karachi Circular Railway is to resume operations from the 16th November 2020. The track will be 14-kilometre, stretching from the Karachi City Station to Orangi Town. 

Cost of Karachi Circular Railways 

The revival of Karachi circular railways includes complete transformation and remodelling of the old railway network. Meanwhile, the complete length of the railway line is expected to be 50km and the cost of Railways is divided into several phases. As per an official statement, the estimated cost hovers around $1.58 bn. 

Fare of Karachi Circular Railways

Anyone who wishes to commute via KCR, they will need to pay a fixed amount of travelling fare which is mentioned below: 

Karachi Circular Railways Fare: PKR 50 

Route Map for Karachi Circular Railway 

The newly-proposed Circular Railway in Karachi route is far more extensive than it was back in the day. It initially ran through a 14km long track. The updated railway track will be about 60 km long with various stops from Orangi to Pipri. 

These areas will be covered from Pipri to Orangi station that follows the ML-1 (Pakistan Railways Main Line):

  • Pipri Station
  • Landhi
  • Malir
  • Drigh Road
  • Cantt Station
  • City Station
  • Keamari 
  • Karachi Port Trust 
  • Wazir Mansion 
  • Lyari 
  • Baldia 
  • Gulbai 
  • Site Area
  • Shah Latif 
  • Orangi Town

Officials have assured that all major encroachments have been removed along the path of the ML-1 and the journey will not take more than 45 minutes from start to finish.

Karachi Circular Railway Timings

 These are the timings for trains departing from Orangi station:

  • First train: 7 AM
  • Second train: 10 AM
  • Third train: 1 PM
  • Fourth train: 4 PM

That’s everything you need to know about the new and upgraded Karachi Circular Railways. If you are interested in learning about more developmental projects in Pakistan, you should read about the newly launched Electric Bus Service in Islamabad. 

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