DHA City – Karachi’s First-Ever Smart and Sustainable Housing Scheme

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The DHA City, Karachi was announced as a housing project in 2009. Causing a rapid wave in the real estate market of the country, the project was deemed as Pakistan’s first-ever smart and green housing scheme. 

Here we have compiled everything you will need to know about DHA City, Karachi, such as location, facilities and amenities. 

So, without further ado, let’s start exploring!

More About DHA City, Karachi

Sitting near the outskirts of Karachi and away from the hustle and bustle of the main city, the project is located near Bahria Town – another state-of-the-art housing scheme in the City of Lights. The project falls under the jurisdiction of Defence Housing Authority (DHA). 

As mentioned in the beginning of the blog, DHA City is Pakistan’s first-ever sustainable, smart, and green city, that spreads across an area of 20,000 acres. It is further divided into 16 different sectors. 

One of the major highlights include the top-notch solar energy park which was established to counter the electricity issue. The solar-energy park will ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to the residents of the area.

Designed by exceptionally skilled architects, the housing scheme attracts a great number of real estate investors and property seekers. In addition to investment and aesthetic appeal, there are several facilities and amenities in the project including a tramway system for commuting within the bounds of DHA City, Karachi.  

DHA City, Karachi Location 

Located in Gadap Town, DHA City, Karachi is approximately 55 kilometres away from the centre of the city, and it is in close-proximity to M-9 Motorway. 

Further analysis on the location of DHA Karachi tells us that it is only 20 km from the Toll Plaza, while Bahria Town, Karachi is 38 minutes’ drive away. 

If you’re worrying about the commute, you should know that the development of the Malir Motorway will considerably reduce the commute between the main city and DHA City, Karachi. Infact, it will reduce a two-hour long journey into an hour (or less). 

DHA City, Karachi Contact Details

The contact details for DHA City, Karachi are as follows:

Address: 2-B East Street, Phase-I, DHA Karachi

Phone: +92 21 35886401-5.

UAN: 9221111-589-589.

Email: dha@dhakarachi.com

DHA Helpline: 1092

Salient Features of DHA City, Karachi 

DHA City, Karachi, is equipped with all the world-class facilities and amenities. 

To measure our statement, the project has managed to draw the attention of Pakistan’s best institutions including Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), and Shifa University, etc.  

Some other interesting features of DHA City, Karachi are as follow: 

  • DHA City, Karachi is Pakistan’s first ever sustainable and green city project. 
  • The housing project is designed in such a way that markets, shops, and places of worship are easily accessible to the prospective residents.
  • The layout plan of DHA City, Karachi includes a sports hub, theme parks, and a healthcare city. The construction work has already started in some facilities. 
  • A 400-yard commercial space has been constructed for 250 families, so that prospective residents will have to travel long distances for basic and everyday household items. 
  • The plan includes a grand mosque that will accommodate 1000 worshippers. 
  • The plan includes 105 acres of land that have specifically been allotted for medical and healthcare facilities. Renowned hospitals such as Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, have shown interest in the plan. Whereas, a branch of University of Health and Sciences has already been established in Sector 3.
  • DHA City, Karachi, aims to overcome the problem of electricity shortage by establishing a solar energy park. 
  • The DHA City project aims at building a ‘Knowledge Park’ that will comprise a number of educational institutions, such as Suffa University, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), National Centre of Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NCRIE). 
  • Sector 3 in DHA City, Karachi has completed its developmental work and is now fully functional, with a kindergarten and primary school offering services. 
  • The DHA authorities have devised an extensive transportation plan for the convenience of the residents, including a number of trams, buses, and pedestrian bridges. 

Latest Updates on DHA City, Karachi 

The development work on Sector 3 is nearing completion while the owners of villas have been handed-over the keys to their residential units. 

In addition, the development work in sector 2, 5, 7, had begun in November, 2019, while the development work for sector 13 and 14 have also begun at a considerably fast pace. The rapid development of the infrastructure has drawn the attention of investors in the project. 

Sector 14: The sector has been further divided into 4 sub-categories: A, B, C and D. Sector 14 A and B have plots that are 125 sq. yards, whereas in Sector 14 C and D, the plots sizes are 400 sq. yard. 

Sector 13: Similar to Sector 14, Sector 13 is divided into six sub-sectors A, B, C, D, E, and F. Sector 13 A, B, and C have plots that are 200 sq. yards, whereas in sector 13 D, E, and F the plots are 500 sq. yards. 

Furthermore, DHA City has a number of fully developed farmhouses, for which the balloting was held in November 2019. 

Investment Opportunities in DHA City, Karachi

The fast paced development of DHA City, Karachi, has caught the interest of several real estate investors. Here are some opportunities for you to avail:

In addition to plots, houses, and shops you can even invest in 2000 sq. yards luxury farm houses in DHA City. The average price of such properties is PKR 46.5 million. 

In this blog, we have discussed essential details of DHA City, Karachi including its location, facilities, updates, and available investment opportunities. Bookmark this page for latest updates. 

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