Bahria town has emerged as a goldmine for people looking to buy a property in Pakistan. The projects, usually situated in the outskirts of the city, promises so much. What allures investors the most is the potential value of these projects – which is predicted by experts to elevate by more than 10% in the next 2 years.

No wonder, you see long queues of people standing outside banks to get booking in one of many bahria town’s projects. Let’s talk about the best bahria town projects in pakistan and discover why they are the ideal destination for people looking to invest in a property.

  1. Bahria central park apartments

Among all bahria projects, bahria central park apartments is the talk of the town. If you want to get an idea on how keen people are to invest in the project, consider this: the project broke all booking records on the first day.

Modeled on the famous central park new york, the project is guaranteed to become the center-attraction in karachi. Features such as the hyatt regency, a cricket stadium, a state-of-the-art hospital, among other amenities make it an envious project for many.

  1. Safari villas lahore

Safari villas is beautifully nestled in the heart of lahore. The villas are enclaved in typical bahria town fashion, to offer maximum security to the inhabitants. The project accommodates a beautiful botanical garden with animal sanctuaries, water fountains, and a model of the famous trafalgar square.

Safari villas a giant leap by the bahria town group to promote real estate and transform the infrastructure of pakistan. The available residential villas range in sizes from 250 to 500 square yards.

  1. Palisades apartment

Palisades apartment is another enterprising project by bahria town in the capital city. The name of the project itself implies ‘fortification’. The apartments blend peace, comfort and security. As with all bahria town projects, the apartments have all the modern features, such as keycard access, wi-fi and express elevators.

The real selling point of the palisade apartments is the serene environment. Islamabad has a reputation of being an international city and palisade is the crown jewel in Islamabad’s property market. The project is poised to launch soon and features 1, 2 and 3 room apartments.

  1. Bahria Paradise Karachi

What else can be said about the splendor of a project that features the replica of the Taj mahal. Bahria paradise Karachi has changed the landscape of real estate in Pakistan. It is inspired by the green tuft of central park, new york.

The apartments feature a plethora of world class facilities, and one cannot help but feel they are in paradise. Available in 250, 500, 1000 square yard residential plots, as well as 500 square yard luxury villas.

  1. Bahria Town Karachi

Finally, let’s talk about bahria town Karachi. Apartments and villas are at the cusp of completion and they certainly look majestic. Located just 9 kilometers away from the super highway toll plaza, bahria town karachi feels like a city within a city.

Features such as international standard university, hospital, backup power, and even a zoo – bahria town karachi is the ultimate living experience. Possession handover of the apartments has been initiated.