Bilawal House: A House Or A Palace?

Imagine Owning Your House, And Then Managing To Get A Replica Of It. Sounds Crazy, Doesn’t It? Well, That’s Former President Of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari For You.

Who Doesn’t Recognize The Bilawal House? An Iconic Property, A Certain Landmark For Pakistan, And Filled With Heritage Value. Luckily For Mr. Zardari, He Managed To Acquire Another Bilawal House Within Lahore’s Bahria Town, From Malik Riaz, The Founder Of Bahria Town, As A Gift. If A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Could Be Spelled Out In Visual Terms, This Is The Perfect Example.

The Bilawal House In Karachi Is Roughly On A 0.2 Acre, With An Exterior Toughness To Withstand A War Against India! Only One Can Imagine What It Holds Inside. Now Imagine, Having A Replica, At About 25 Acres. That’s The Approximate Size Of The Bilawal House In Bahria Town. Imagine The Challenges To Clean That Place In A Day!

The Bilawal House In Bahria Town Lahore Can Withstand Anything. It’s Bomb Proof, It Has 30 Inch Thick Walls Filled With Security Gadgets, It Has A Three-Tier Security System. Not To Mention, It Has A Landing Strip For Small Jets And Helicopters. It’s A Bullet Proof Bungalow. It Can Roughly Hold 10,000 People. Imagine, It Can Hold A Joint-Parliamentary Session, Along With Supreme Court Proceedings, All Under One Roof!

Now, Let’s Get Those Figures Rolling. Bilawal House Lahore Has A Value Of Rs. 5 Billion. That’s Infinite Times More Than The Worth Of Bilawal House Karachi, Which Stands At Rs. 3 Million. Quite Contrasting, If You Ask Me.

Bahria Town Is A Safe Investment. It Provides You With A Luxurious Lifestyle, At An Affordable Price. Not To Mention, Attractions To Adore, Such As The Bilawal House In Bahria Town Lahore. Stay Connected For More Updates Regarding Properties, And Just Properties!