Three of The Largest Dams in pakistan

The importance of dams in Pakistan is unparalleled with any other need that the country possesses; it is essential for Pakistan to have water storage plans. This is where Pakistani dams come into play; there are a number of dams in Pakistan, the total dams in Pakistan might even add up to approximately 150 dams in Pakistan. Amongst the 150 damns, how many dams in Pakistan are actually acknowledged? Here is a list of dams in Pakistan that are widely known, and used for water retention in Pakistan:

  • Tarbela Dam
  • Mangla Dam
  • Mirani Dam
  • Warsak Dam
  • Hub Dam
  • Namal Dam
  • Rawal Dam
  • Gomal Zam Dam
  • Khanpur Dam
  • Neelum-Jhelum Dam
  • Satpara Dam
  • Darawat Dam
  • Sabakzai Dam

Not only are these dams in Pakistan, most widely known but are also the ones that have been functional, other dams in Pakistan are under construction. Amongst the 13 functional damns, there are a few that stand out more than the others. These are the largest dams in Pakistan map. They retain the most water, and have been known to cater to the water needs of Pakistan in the past.

Three largest dams in Pakistan

While there are a number of dams in Pakistan, these are some of the largest and major dams in Pakistan:

Tarbela Dam: Constructed in the early 1960s, Tarbela in one of the largest earth filled dams, in the world. It is located in the heart of KPK, in the Haripur and Swabi district. The 470 feet dam, produces approximately 5000 megawatts of electricity, and has the future potential of creating 6,300 megawatts of electricity for the country.

Mangla Dam: Mangla Dam is the second largest water retention reservoir in Pakistan. Located in the beautiful district of Jammu & Kashmir, it has been serving as one of the major sources of irrigation water for Pakistan since the late 1960s. It produces about 1200 megawatts electricity for the country. The Mangal dam in Pakistan, is also considered one of the most famous picnic points, since its creation, gave way for the creation of the Mangla lake.

Mirani Dam: Even though the mirani dam isn’t all that well known to the people, it is one of the largest dams in Pakistan. Located on the Dasht River, in Baluchistan, it is considered to be in an area that isn’t accessible easily, however the government hopes to bring the area into highlight through the development of CPEC projects.

Dams are not only used for water retention, they also serve as leisure spots for the local people, and tourists in Pakistan. If you want to learn more about picnic spots in Karachi, then check out our blog! For any queries, or suggestions you can email us at

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