Some Key Environmental Issues in Pakistan

Deforestation, urban-flooding, climate change, and global warming are some of the major  environmental issues in Pakistan. The talk of climate change has been making rounds for decades; we’ve studied about it in school and we’ve read articles about it. 

Nobody can deny the fact that the South Asian country has become prone to extreme climate changes, especially considering the number of urban flooding and a huge drop and rise in the temperature, of course. Not to mention, this development in the climate has given a rise to a number of issues within Pakistan. 

In this blog, we will highlight some key environmental issues in Pakistan that need to be addressed immediately, in order to preserve our surroundings. 


As mentioned earlier, there are various environmental issues in Pakistan, amongst which the top five environmental issue are listed below:

  • Deforestation
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution 
  • Land Pollution 
  • Global Warming 


Deforestation remains one of the major problems of Pakistan
Deforestation leads to various environmental problems.

Deforestation remains one of the major problems of Pakistan since it leads to a huge damage to our ecosystem and the wildlife. In order to combat the problem, the Government of Pakistan has recently developed some schemes such as ‘billion trees drive’.  

Global Warming

The increased heat waves, and cold snaps are an indicator of how global warming is hitting Pakistan. In order to protect the environment from excessive effects of global warming, one of the quickest solutions include reducing the carbon footprint, while also using recyclable and reusable products. 

Air Pollution

smoke emitted by vehicles are also a major cause of air pollution
Air pollution in Pakistan is caused by the increase in carbon foot print.

Caused by industrial fumes, and other gases, air pollution is among the major environmental issues in Pakistan. Besides industrial fumes and hazardous gases, the smoke emitted by vehicles are also a major cause of air pollution. 

Since we are talking about air pollution, you should be aware that constant hike in air pollution can result in contaminated air. 

Land Pollution

Although land is among the important resources in Pakistan for several industries, yet it has been subjected to pollution. Polythene bags, hazardous pesticides, garbage, and improper disposal systems are some reasons why land pollution is becoming one of the major environmental issues in Pakistan.

Water Pollution

Contaminated water endangers both human and marine life.
Water pollution in Pakistan has a huge negative effect on the whole ecosystem

Some industries in Pakistan do not have a suitable disposable system and they tend to dispose the factory’s waste in the open ocean. Eventually, the ocean becomes contaminated, endangering both human and marine lives. 

Thankfully, the Federal Government of Pakistan is taking notice of this issue and they have recently developed plans for proper disposal including the construction of wetlands in the capital city. 

Please note that these wetlands are being constructed to treat the contaminated water before its entrance to Rawal Dam. The  initiative is being supervised and financed and executed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Sanitation Directorate of MCI, respectively.

You can take your own precautions to shield yourself from the drastic effects that the climate change has on Pakistan; one of these ways is to use heat insulation techniques; you can read all about them in Types of Roof Heat Insulation in Pakistan.

This is where we will conclude our post on environmental issues in Pakistan. Before we sign-off, we would like you to know that you can play a great part in solving these problems by becoming a responsible citizen and by taking care of your environment. 

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