Rs. 8bn Allotted For Karachi’s Infrastructure Development

Karachi: On Tuesday, the Sindh Government allocated Rs 8bn for Karachi’s infrastructure Development. The much awaited provincial budget approval for the year 2021-2022. 

The documentation of the infrastructure development by the provincial government of Karachi says that Rs 8bn for Karachi’s infrastructure Development is solely allocated for upscaling the existing 13 new schemes. The new allocated karachi budget 2021-2022 is significantly higher compared to the previous year 2020-2021. The previously allocated amount was low and the number of development schemes was higher than this year. 

As per the concerns of the Government, all the ongoing projects will be targeted at the earliest. Making sure a smooth implementation and completion of the projects. 

It is hard to identify the exact amount that has been allocated for different projects. But it is evident to say that the said new projects are on target and will be finishing their completion at the end of the year 2021, stated by the Sindh Government. 

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