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New Year Festival In Bahria Town
Fireworks In Bahria Town
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New Year is a big festival celebrated with joy and affection around Karachi. People gather at homes, make a trip to buffet restaurants, or go to different places to welcome the new beginnings. One of the most exciting places to celebrate New Year is Bahria Town Karachi. Any part of the city you live in, you cannot miss the New Year Festival in Bahria Town Karachi. 

As New Year 2022 is around the corner, preparations have already begun in the city of light – Karachi. This time, New Year’s Eve will be marked on the Weekend, which is a good refreshment for all hard workers and students to celebrate the night with an energetic vibe and have a peaceful sleep the next day. Last year Bahria Town celebrated the biggest party of the New Year, and we are excited about what it has to offer this time. 

Celebration Of New Year Festival In Bahria Town Karachi

New Year celebration
New Year celebration for the year 2022

Bahria Town is always a step ahead for celebrating every important day in Pakistan. If we talk about New Year it is a grand festival, so why not a massive celebration. Last Year, Bahria Town Karachi hosted a New Year festival with crazy fireworks, a dancing fountain show, a musical concert with lots of fun and you count on it. The list goes on with the delicious food stalls, games, rides for kids, and prize-winning competitions.

After a successful event where thousands of people gathered to enjoy the glory of the New Year. Well, this year we can expect a majestic celebration. Bahria Town has become the trendsetter for the New Year celebration following its tradition to organise worth watching fireworks. 

Karachi is eagerly waiting to be a part of the New Year in Bahria Town. The ones who missed this opportunity last year are excited to be a part of the New Year festival this time. 

Fireworks In Bahria Town

All eyes will be on the replica of the Eiffel Tower this New Year’s Eve. Bahria Town promises a massive fireworks display, where thousands of people gather in the town space to get the best view of the exclusive show. The old tradition is to celebrate New Year in full swing by lighting up the sky as the clock ticked midnight. The wave of happiness, hope, and the beautiful view awaken the nation to spread love and peace.

People from different areas or the residents of Bahria Town Karachi will witness New Year 2022 celebrations just like every year. However, the festivities take place for other events, yet New Year’s eve is a show-stealer for the dazzling fireworks and laser light show.

Family Festival At Bahria Town

Family Festival At Bahria Town
Celebration of New Year with loved ones

Bahria Town facilitates people by arranging a great family festival. They encourage visitors to share a valuable bond with kids and families to have a great time. A good family festival includes good music, amazing food, and mind-blowing performances – that’s all Bahria Town has to offer. 

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends and family in Bahria Town is an ideal decision. You can get lots of memories to cherish after a few years.

Entry Fee And Timing At Bahria Town

Last year, Bahria Town did not charge for the New Year ceremony. Yes, no entry fee so more people can become a part of the family festival. Most importantly the festival is from 6 pm to midnight. The most awaited fireworks can be seen when the clock strikes 12.

Tips For Making The Best Of New Year’s Eve In Bahria Town

Fireworks in Bahria Town on the replica of the Eiffel Tower
Fireworks in Bahria Town on the replica of the Eiffel Tower
  • Fireworks are beautiful at the same time, intense. Make sure to bring earplugs for small kids and sunglasses for yourself.
  • To get entry in such a grand event, make sure to be on time. Following the proper timing can help you reach the location comfortably without getting stuck in traffic.
  • Take care of your belongings, do not bring precious items because the chances to be stolen or misplaced are more in a huge crowd.
  • Find a spot where you can see the view of fireworks, dancing fountain without any trouble pushing someone.
  • Follow SOPs and bring masks and sanitiser with you.
  • Do not throw garbage anywhere. There are cleaning buckets at every spot; use them wisely.
  • The grand event can have a long entry line, do wait for your turn.
  • Ask any member of a group to bring snacks and drinks for you so there won’t be a long queue at food stalls.
  • Take pictures to remember the New Year festival as a wonderful event.

There are so many activities going around, from mesmerizing shows, concerts, live music, and other fun things. Enjoy the fullest when you are at Bahria Town to celebrate New Year’s Eve. 

Bahria Town celebrates New Year Eve in all of its housing societies. You can visit Bahria Town Lahore for the New Year festival. 

Today we bid our farewell to the year 2021 and are excited about the new beginnings. We pray for the bright days, achievements, and success for the upcoming year.

Wish you a very Happy New Year!
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