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Gwadar is known as the ‘future Singapore’ of Pakistan and we’ll explain the reason in this blog. 

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) in collaboration with China Communications Construction Company has finally revealed the Master Plan of Gwadar. The authorities are planning to transform the port city of Balochistan into the biggest trading centre and seaport of Pakistan, just like Port Qasim and Karachi Port. 

Master Plan of Gwadar

Master Plan Of Gwadar
Master plan is an elaborate framework to turn Gwadar into the investment hub of Pakistan Credits: GDA official site

As per ‘Gwadar Smart City Master Plan’, it will not only be a tax-free entity, but also a weapon free city.

With the economic activity that CPEC will bring to the ports of Gwadar, the city is set to become the third-largest trade hub of Pakistan. Not only will this uplift the entire province, but the entire country will benefit from it. 

As mentioned above, GDA along with China Communications Constructions Company and Pakistan’s Planning Ministry and Reform have formed an elaborate framework to turn Gwadar into the economic and investment hub of South Asia.

Here are some of the most important features of Gwadar Master Plan: 

  • Science and technology parks will be made, along with many other tourist spots, for instance, beach resorts, exhibition centres, shopping malls, etc. 
  • To make the Gwadar Port attractive, the city will be made tax-free.
  • The plan aims to increase the country’s GDP by manifolds.
  • The city would include a luxury golf course, residential and commercial projects, and sustainable developments.

Recent Developments in Gwadar

The developmental growth was projected to slow down due to the pandemic. However, the government of Pakistan is putting extra efforts in CPEC projects. The determination of the government, along with the relief package provided by the Prime Minister hasn’t allowed the project to be delayed.

While the primary aim of CPEC is to improve the trading conditions of Pakistan, as a byproduct of the project, many developments have taken place. Most important of these developments include Gwadar International Airport, Eastbay Expressway, Ratodero Gwadar Motorway, Marine Driveway and major tourists projects along the coastline, including beaches and resorts.

Furthermore, a number of projects are set to start development, such as a power plant, an international airport, a motorway, emergency centres, and hospital.

Investment Hub

Master Plan Of Gwadar
the city is perfect for residential, commercial, and other development projects
Credits: Gwadar Port city (official Facebook)

As a byproduct of the developments of the CPEC project, Gwadar has become the investment hub of the country. Owing to its topography and location, the city is perfect for residential, commercial, and other development projects. 

The Master Plan of Gwadar has divided the port city into three different zones; Zone 1 is being currently developed, and has areas reserved for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. The development of Zone 2 will start after Zone 1 has been completed, and finally Zone 3 will be planned in the future, for which more than 70 percent of Gwadar remains untouched.

The plan aims to make the city the first one in Balochistan to feature high-rise buildings, and skyscrapers. The plan is also to add international standard leisure resorts and hospitality services.

The port connects with the Gulf Sea and allows Gwadar Port City to connect with 70 percent of the world’s sea. This connectivity has the potential to boost employment and business opportunities. 

This detailed plan along with the developments related to CPEC will make Gwadar Port City the centre of investment in South Asia.

Advantages of Master Plan Gwadar

Apart from making the city a magnet for investment, the Master Plan of Gwadar is set to bring many other benefits for the city, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Law & Order
  • Proper Facilities
  • Roads & Infrastructure

Law & Order

Balochistan is the least populated region of Pakistan. Owing to CPEC projects and other rapid developments, the government focused on the security aspect to make the land more attractive to the investors. 

The plan also brings a military base to the city of Gwadar, which has further strengthened the security aspect of the city while simultaneously elevating law and order conditions in the province.

Proper Facilities

With the plan bringing a huge flux of investors and tourists to Gwadar, the city will require proper facilities to host them.

The basic facilities required to boost the economy include: 

  • Residential and corporate schemes
  • Infrastructure development
  • Easy access to electricity and other utilities 
  • State-of-the-art hospitals 
  • Hospitality and accommodation services

The Master plan of Gwadar, will allocate all the resources accordingly, thus helping the investors, the tourists, as well as the residents of the province.

Roads & Infrastructure

All of the proposed steps can only be taken if the proper infrastructure is available. And, the Master Plan of Gwadar handles it all. The plan comprises development of proper lanes, roads, and superhighway. This superhighway will be linked to major roads of the region, thus providing the whole city with a safe and central passageway.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Plot For Sale In Gwadar
The Master Plan of Gwadar aims to build around more than 250,000 homes
Credits: Gwadar port city (official Facebook)

The investment opportunities in Gwadar aren’t only just for investors or businesspersons, but for individuals looking to live in a peaceful land with instagrammable spots just a few minutes away.

As per the Gwadar Development Authority , there will be 77 residential schemes, 6 commercial developments, 16 industrial, and 4 recreational projects.

The Master Plan of Gwadar aims to build around more than 250,000 homes before 2050 by making plenty of housing societies, like Sanghar Society. With the port city becoming a central hub for economic activity in the near future, job opportunities along with the price of the land will surely rise. Thus, with all this reason, Gwadar is the perfect place to buy a piece of land. 

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