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Royal Builders & Developers
Jumani Group of Companies
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GFS Builders & Developers
Lakhani Builders
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To help you make the right decision, while getting your buildings or house constructed, we have compiled the most trusted construction companies in Karachi. 

The answer to that is simple, Trusted Construction companies. Companies, who over time have built their reputation by providing the best services. 

List of the Best Construction Companies in Karachi

  • Royal Builders and Developers
  • Jumani Group of Companies
  • Ammar groups
  • GFS Builders and Developers
  • Lakhani Builders
  • Ghani Builders and Developers

Royal Builders & Developers

Operated by the Royal Group Pakistan, the company focuses on building commercial and residential structures. 

The company has been serving their clients with excellent services since 1995. The developers are known for their unique and creative buildings. Each project is handled with care and planned to every last detail, to guarantee satisfaction. 

Understanding that every customer has their own financial restrictions, they provide their services to build economical buildings as well as luxury buildings. This does not mean that they lack in providing the best material or services, the quality remains standard in all their projects. For the Royal Builders & Developers, the top priority is customer satisfaction.

Famous Projects: 

The Royal Group has proved to be one of the best builders and developers in Karachi, by working on these projects:

  • Royal Gulf Residency
  • Royal Arabian
  • Royal Arcade
  • Royal Tower

Contact: 021-34829989-88

Jumani Group of Companies

Real Marketing Karachi
Jumani group of companies have built multi-storey projects

One of the biggest construction companies in Karachi, Jumani group of companies have built multi-storey projects, as well as shopping plazas, along with residential, and commercial buildings.

Jumani Group also has experience in building various housing schemes of government and their own. The group has also constructed the Khairpur Sugar Mills, so if you are looking for builders to set up a factory, look no more.

Maintaining the quality and standards, the Jumani Group only has one priority, which is customer satisfaction. 

Famous Projects:

  • Ambreen Apartments
  • Jumani Arcade
  • Al-Hussain
  • Navy Housing Scheme
  • Madina City TownHouses

Address: 3rd Floor, Plot No. 15-C, 9th Commercial Lane, Zamzama, D.H.A.

Ammar Groups

In all the civil construction companies in Karachi, Ammar Group stands out. While the group is known for its civil construction, it doesn’t lack behind the others when it comes to residential buildings or bungalows.

While keeping their work cost-effective, Ammar Group does not compromise with the quality of the materials and projects. Whether it is a high rise building or a gigantic construction, Ammar Group has satisfied its customers, by giving the best quality at economic rates, without any delay.

From laying the foundation of the building to laying the electrical network, Ammar Group, serves its customers in every way it can. They make sure that the building is not only standing, but also liveable, whether it is fixing the lights or fixing a leaking roof. 

 Contact: 0311-1126627

Address: Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-13, Opposite Federal Urdu University.

GFS Builders & Developers

Builders And Developers In Karachi
7 wonders city is one of the many esteemed projects of GFS builders

Global Financial Solutions Builders and Developers offer a range of construction services. For the past 15 years, GFS Builders have relied on the quality of their projects to add to their credibility. They have managed to provide the best resident and commercial projects of almost every size and classification. 

The group has managed to bring standard quality to all their projects by not only hard work and commitment, but also by using high-tech equipment. 

Furthermore, they employ a team of highly qualified engineers, architects and workmen to ensure optimum results.

Famous Projects:

The portfolio of GFS Builders and Developers speak for itself:

  • 7 Wonders City
  • Malir Town Residency
  • North Town Residency
  • New Town Residency
  • Malir Luxuria
  • GFS Towers

Contact: 021-34688150-60

Address: Plot #FL-27, Al-Basit Tower, Gulshan-e-Jamal, Faisal Cantt, Opposite Askari-IV.

Lakhani Builders

Known for not only their experience, but their expertise and integrity as well, Lakhani Builders have been serving its clients with the best quality projects that speak for themselves. The company is a mixture of competent engineers and the best architects, that has definitely helped build their strong reputation.

The company continues to raise the standards of the citizens of Karachi, by constantly innovating while building their projects. They aim to provide the masses with quality houses that are not only liveable but also provide luxury to the residents.

Lakhani Builders have surely set a benchmark for the other construction companies.

Famous Projects:

To ensure all their projects don’t face any restriction in maintaining quality, Lakhani Builders have developed their own projects:

  • Lakhani Excellency
  • Lakhani Pride
  • Lakhani Presidency

Address:   Street No. 42, National Stadium Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal.

 Ghani Builders and Developers

One of the most trusted builders in Karachi, Ghani builders rely on teamwork and honesty. A team of highly professional workers and managers build new and innovative commercial centres as well as residential and commercial projects. The builders also specialise in constructing state-of-the-art shopping plazas. 

Since 1998, Ghani Builders and Developers have focused on integrity and honesty to have their name in the list of the most trusted construction companies. Keeping their minds and hearts open, the builders have only grown and flourished since their inception.

The management believes in setting measurable goals and open communication to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Famous Projects:

By being firm and fair, the builders have added huge projects in their portfolio:

  • Khadeeja Heights
  • Sidra Twin Towers
  • Fatima Castle
  • Fatima Golf Residency
  • Lania Arcadia

Contact: 111-546-546

Address: Suits # 1-A, 1st Floor, Plot # 1-C, 5th Commercial Lane, Off Zamzama Street, D.H.A.

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