Karachi Eat Festival 2022 is Here!

Location and Timings
Stalls at Karachi Eat 2022
How to Get Karachi Eat Festival 2022 Tickets?
Sponsors at Karachi Eat Festival 2022

The city of lights is welcoming another edition of the most awaited food festival in town, Karachi Eat Festival 2022. A journey which started in 2013 has provided Karachiites an excuse to celebrate flavours of the world. Meanwhile, the dates of Karachi Eat 2022 are chosen for a healthy weekend that are 14th, 15th and 16th of January 2022. Karachiites are visiting the scene for the love of food. Meanwhile, young entrepreneurs are encouraged to introduce their food experiments in front of the public. Subsequently, it is an opportunity for them to cash on their delightful offerings. Besides food, a massive variety of entertainment will be available for masses including recreational activities. As a matter of fact, COVID-19 Variant Omicron is among us, kindly stick to the SOPs mentioned by the state.

Location and Timings of Karachi Eat Festival 2022

Karachi Eat Festival
Official Poster of Karachi Eat Festival 2022 (courtesy: Karachi Eat Food Festival official Facebook Page)

Karachi Eat Festival 2022 has picked Beach View Park along Clifton Beach as their ultimate destination. Furthermore, the station is expected to host huge crowds who are coming to celebrate the food at Karachi Eat Festival 2022. The chosen location is much better than last year’s, which was the Frere Hall’s Garden. In contrast to the latest event, the recent destination is equipped to cater to the huge public without traffic congestion. So, it will be a nice decision to visit Karachi Eat 2022 in your own cars. Meanwhile the timetable for Karachi Eat Festival 2022 is shared below;

  • 14th January 2022, Friday (3pm to 11:30pm)
  • 15th and 16th January 2022, Saturday and Sunday (12pm to 11:30pm)

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Worth Visiting Stalls at Karachi Eat 2022

The announcement of dates of Karachi Eat Festival 2022 has taken the social media by storm. Meanwhile, excited netizens are discussing the event through their Instagram stories, TikTok reels and Facebook memes. After all, it’s a food-fan moment which comes once a year and is close to the heart of Karachiites. As the hours are passing, the Karachi Eat Festival 2022 is revealing some of their must-try food stalls in the event. Let us share some of them with you;

TNT – The Nugget Town

The Nugget Town
Courtesy TNT official Facebook page

The finest taste from the food street of Karachi has secured the Stall 60. The Nugget Town will be bombarding their chicken stuffed bombs and Nuggets. Meanwhile, do not forget to try their Nug Wraps and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls. For three days, they will tumble you to Just Nug-IT.

Nefis Foods

The people who crave for the taste of the Mediterranean Region, are encouraged to visit Stall 19. The Nefis Foods have joined the event with their experimental but delicious delicacies. While visiting Karachi Eat Festival 2022, their Halloumi fries will turn you on with the spices they blend in.

Wing Ting

Wing Ting
Courtesy Wing Ting official Facebook page

Their wings, sides and sauces have left their mark in the hearts of chicken lovers. However, the sophisticated stall with evenly wrapped spices, will make you recognize Wing Ting from a distance. Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Wings, Saucy Wings and Japanese BBQ are the inventions they’ll be bragging on.

The Crepery

Apart from spices, there is a world full of sweetness. After visiting so many spicy stalls, you should be looking for some sweet treat to cool down a little. The Crepery will be waiting for you on Stall 7 at Karachi Eat Festival 2022. Meanwhile, their Dutch Mini Pancakes and Shakes are a real treat at the Eat 2022.


Courtesy Arabi’s official Facebook Page

The Arabic cuisine has stepped into the jurisdiction of Karachi. The Arabi’s will be serving you some traditional Arabic food at the festival. Their Mutabbaq is the speciality they are known for. Meanwhile, the Mutabbaq will be served in chicken and beef stuffing at Karachi Eat food festival.

Builder Burger

Build the armoury to beat the craving for a burger with Builder Burger. Stall No. 11 is reserved for the team who invented The Heisen Builder which is a Mexican style cheeseburger. Moreover, the Shroom Builder, BuilderSmash and the Crispy Magma Sandwich are a part of BuilderMenu.


Courtesy UpTop official Facebook Page

The UpTop is a well-known brand in the town who is satisfying people with their food vibes. Nevertheless, Karachi Eat Festival 2022 will be making UpTop open for everyone. However, their combo of Fiery Cajun Chicken Thighs along with the Mint Lemonade is a rewarding titbit at the event. Meanwhile, neglecting their Peanut Butter Mocha will be a huge regret.

Burger Bros

Are there any hotdog fans reading this blog? If yes, Burger Bros are stationed for you at the Stall No.8. Furthermore, they are a unique addition to the Karachi Eat Festival 2022 family, serving the fiery flaming hotdogs. Meanwhile, their claim that ‘we make damn good sliders’ is yet to be explored by me at Karachi Eat 2022.

The Morning Catch

the morning catch
Courtesy The Morning Catch official Facebook Page

How can the eat festival 2022 be completed without having The Morning Catch’s Fish Snacks at the event? The Stall No. 88 will be prepared to cater the fish fans at the Beach View Park from 14th to 16th of January 2022.

Frais Snow Cone

The snow cones which are more popularly known as Gola Ganda, will make the event colourful and yes, sweet too. Nonetheless, the condensed milk spread over rainbow colour filled snow cones will be served at the Stall No. 82.

How to Get Karachi Eat Festival 2022 Tickets?

Ticket Wala PK
Courtesy The Ticket Wala PK official Facebook Page

The entry to Karachi Eat Festival 2022 is a subject to buying tickets. Meanwhile, you may purchase tickets from two platforms,
1) Ticket Wala PK
2) EatsOfficial

Karachi Eat Festival 2022 Ticket Price

Ticket Price: Rs. 400/person

However, only vaccinated people will be allowed to enter. Moreover, the organizers have collaborated with HANDS NGO to provide Pfizer shots to visitors. Meanwhile, this is a family-only food festival in Karachi, males are encouraged to bring their families along with them.

Sponsors at Karachi Eat Festival 2022

People will be glad to know that Karachi Eat Festival 2022 is sponsored by the brands who need no introduction. Coca-Cola has joined the panel of this food festival in Karachi as their Platinum Sponsor. Meanwhile, the Swiss Premium and the Sunridge Foods, have secured themselves as the festival’s Gold Partner. In addition, the organizers have taken many renowned brands namely Lipton, Eats Official, Eat Cloud, Tapal, Puright, Shan Foods, Stormfiber and FM 91. Furthermore, the Official Media PR partnering rights for Karachi Eat Festival 2022 have been secured by East River Agency.On that note, we’ll wrap things up and go on to finding more intriguing topics for you. Meanwhile, subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you again soon.