Tips to Cope with Gas Shortage in Winter

Overcoming Gas Shortage in Pakistan:
Wait it Out 
Electric Cooking
Cooking Hacks  
Electric geysers
BBQ Grills 

Do you like the winter season, but can’t find any solution to overcome the gas shortage in Pakistan? Fret not! We have found some solutions that will make your worry go away. 

It is no secret that Pakistan is among the highly-populated countries in the world. The ever-increasing population has led to a huge consumption of domestic gas across the country. 

Since winter is quite harsh in some regions of Pakistan, the consumption of gas increases manifold during the season due to the excessive use of room and water heaters. Being Pakistan’s personal portal for authentic information, we proactively understand your needs. Hence, we bring you a few tips on how to overcome gas shortage in Pakistan. 

Let’s begin! 

Recent Development about Gas Shortage in Pakistan 

The Minister for Petroleum Division, Omar Ayub Khan, has recently issued a statement highlighting the shortage of gas in Pakistan. The official acknowledged the current natural gas shortage, and stated that  the vast difference in the demand and supply of gas is the actual cause of the problem. 

Discussing the main root of the problem, the official also said that domestic consumption of gas increases during winters and results in the shortage. The excessive use of water and room heaters are two of the main contributors to the shortage.

There are no set policies or strategies as of yet to help counter the problem. People residing in areas where there are shortages have made some arrangements. In this blog, we will help you utilise the gas you have without using dangerous methods. We will also provide tips that will help you cope with gas shortages in Pakistan.  

How to Overcome Gas Shortage in Pakistan? 

Being able to manage gas shortage in Pakistan can be a bit of a hassle. The Sui Southern Gas Company distributes the supply of gas in a manner that there is a prominent schedule as to when the gas will be unavailable. However, there are a few ways that you can work around the gas schedule and avoid getting stuck. 

That said, these are some ways you can cope with the gas shortages in Pakistan: 

  • Wait it Out 
  • Electric Cooking
  • Cooking Hacks  
  • Electric geysers
  • BBQ Grills 

Wait it Out 

waiting it out
The easiest thing to do in case of a gas shortage is waiting

Waiting around for the gas to come back and delaying your tasks can be extremely frustrating. Whenever you encounter the shortage, it is best to continue with your usual routine rather than piling up the rest of the tasks. Get some laundry done, clean your room, or tidy up your wardrobe. If you were about to make dinner or lunch, you could either wait until the gas supply stabilises, or order the meal if you’re in a hurry.

Electric Cooking  

Electric cooking
Many people opt to use electric rice cookers in replacement for gas stoves

One of the biggest problems most households face because of gas shortage is not being able to cook on time. The quick solution to this problem is to opt for electric cooking. This can be done using induction stoves, cookers, electric kettles, etc. There are dozens of home appliances that don’t rely on domestic gas. Electric roti makers, rice cookers, and electric ovens work just as efficiently as a normal stove. 

Cooking Hacks

If you are looking for best cooking hacks during gas shortage, we’ve shared some below: 

  • Cook something that doesn’t require too much gas and can be prepared on low flames such as soups. You can even try instant recipes. 
  • If you don’t want to cook at all, there are plenty of recipes that do not require any cooking. Instant noodles, cold sandwiches, feta salad, hummus, and grilled cheese sandwiches are some popular ones.  

Electric Geyser 

Electric Geysers
Electric Geysers will be far more efficient than traditional ones

Warm showers are both an obligation and joys of winter. Since a great fraction of the population uses gas heaters, the country faces gas shortage during the winter season. 

The best way to overcome this situation is to avoid using gas geysers altogether. Amongst the other methods of heating up water, one of the most suitable one is the use of electric geysers. These heat up the water supply similar to traditional heaters, and experience no fluctuation in the process. 

Time for BBQ

BBQ Grills
Instead of waiting around, you could have a BBQ at home

We understand how frustrating it can be to be cut off from a necessity, instead of sitting around complaining, you could always make the time memorable. When you lose gas supply, you can always whip out the old BBQ grill, gather the family and make a day out of it. 

Not only will you be able to pass the time, you will also have a nice time with the family. 

One of our basic instincts is to lodge a gas shortage complaint, however there are other things you can do about it while you wait for authorities to take care of it. In this blog we discussed a few ways you can deal with gas shortages in Pakistan, without getting too overworked and frustrated about the hinderance in your daily routine. 

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