Construction Work on DHA Gujranwala Entrance Gate Reaches Completion

The Defence Housing Society, a highly anticipated housing society, has finished the construction work for DHA Gujranwala entrance gate. The post shared on their official Facebook page, showed a video, with pictures of the gate in different stages.

Prior to this news, the last update on the construction of entrance gate was shared on 24th August. As per the social media post, the housing society plans to undertake major projects in the society on a joint-venture basis. The infrastructural work would not only be artistic, but would help uplift the living standards of the society and its residents.

While the post mentioned that there are developmental works planned, but their nature was not revealed. Although, they did mention, that the work is being rushed. It further advised the stakeholders to keep an eye out for more updates about the project.

Furthermore, the housing authority [during July] had invited expression of interest (EOI), for prequalification of developmental work in two sectors in the society, and a commercial project in the canal area, where a theme park is also located. In addition, the EPI included A- class apartments, 5 and 10 Marla houses, a five star hotel, sports complex, medical city with a nursing school, an education city, sector mosque, and a DHA club.

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Out of all the DHA’s projects, DHA Gujranwala has surprised many investors, it has many investment activities, which are less talked about. New projects are highly anticipated, but there is no confirmed news about it, as the authorities wish to keep it private. 

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