The Most Common Types of Apartments in Pakistan

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The rapid emergence of apartment complexes in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and their immediate occupancy is evident enough that the country is expanding vertically. From mixed-use plazas to studio apartments – you will come across many buildings and apartments in Pakistan when searching for your home in any of the afore-mentioned cities. 

So, if you have ever wondered what exactly is the criteria to classify high-rise buildings in our country – we’ve put together a list of the types of apartments that are widely available in Pakistan. We will also discuss what makes them different from the rest. 

Let’s begin! 

Top 6 Types of Apartments in Pakistan 

These apartment projects are categorised according to their design and features into the following classifications: 

  • Studio Apartments 
  • One-bedroom Apartments
  • Two-bedroom Apartments 
  • Three-bedroom Apartments 
  • Four-bedroom Apartments 
  • Penthouses

We will take a look at each of these separately. 

Studio Apartments

All requirements are merged into one large space.

Studio apartments feature a kitchen, bedroom, living room, and a bathroom, all in one single large space. The most common format of a studio apartment is all the requirements merged into one large space, however, there are some studio apartments that are designed in an L-shape, creating an alcove, that provides a little, if not too much, privacy. 

Studio flats in Pakistan are further categorised into open floor plans and broken one. 

  • An open floor plan is similar to the one we described in the beginning, the living, dining, and bedroom space all combined into one. 
  • The broken floor plan seems to be more suitable for someone that prefers a little privacy. 

Studio apartments usually spread around an area of 500-700 sq ft. These types of apartments are ideal for those who live alone, however, people who require more space might not find these apartments promising, and could instead opt for one-bedroom apartments. 

One-Bedroom Apartments 

Unlike studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments are not based on open floor plans. The floor plans for one-bedroom flats have separate spaces for their different rooms: they have one designated bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen, along with a bathroom. 

One-bedroom apartments are ideal for couples, bachelors, or twin-sharing. They are usually constructed in a way that the maximum amount of space is occupied. However, some designs may include a balcony. The one-bedroom apartments in Pakistan are generally based on the same area as studio apartments, which can lie anywhere between 500-700 sq. ft. 

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Two-bedroom apartments

Two-bedroom apartments are one of the most common and popular types of apartment in Pakistan. The basic layout of a two-bedroom apartment is two separate bedrooms, living area, and a kitchen. In the new modern buildings, the two-bedroom flats have attached bathrooms to provide maximum privacy. 

Two-bedroom apartments are spacious as compared to studios and one-bedroom apartments. You can easily host  small gatherings, family events, and parties. 

Generally, the area that these apartments cover is 800 to 1200 sq. feet. If you have a larger family, and want bigger space, then try to opt for three-bedroom apartments. 

Three-bedroom apartments

Three-bedroom apartments are nothing short of luxury in Pakistan. If you go looking for three-bedroom apartments, you might not even find them in the old buildings since they have been introduced only recently. 

These apartments are extremely spacious, featuring 3 separate bedrooms, a kitchen space, a living room, and [sometimes] three bathrooms – they’re most probably attached with the bedrooms. On the other hand, the kitchens are far more advanced than the ones available in two or one-bedroom apartments. 

When looking for three-bedroom apartments, you may come across a few that feature free standing kitchen cabinets, creating more storage space, and are easily accessible. 

The area for these apartments usually starts from 1000 sq. ft, and it is available up to 1400 sq. ft. 

Four-bedroom apartments 

With an average size ranging from 1200 sq. ft to 1600 sq. ft, four-bedroom flats are the largest types of apartments in Pakistan. Owing to its spacious structure, four-bedroom apartments resemble the looks of a house. 

This particular type of apartment features four separate bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a living room, dining hall, and a separate kitchen. In a majority of layouts, these apartments even boast a servant quarter. Similar to the three-bedroom apartments, four-bedroom apartments also include kitchens that are planned according to modern-day designs. 

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In addition to 3 & 4-bedroom apartments, penthouses are also categorised as luxury apartments in Pakistan.

Penthouses are rare, but are unlike any other kind of apartments in Pakistan. Penthouses are basically a living area, built like an apartment, on the roof-top of a building. Karachi has a number of pent houses that are available in various apartment projects around the city. 

The penthouses in Pakistan have more than one level, and since they occupy the entire terrace space, they are of greater value than the other luxury apartments. The separate floor and its spacious allotment give tenants a greater privacy than any other kind of apartment. 

Penthouses are an amazing option for those that want to gain a house-like experience from an apartment. A normal penthouse is spread across an area of 1200 to 2000 sq. ft. 

Prices of Flats for Sale in Pakistan

Thinking of buying an apartment in Pakistan? 

As discussed, Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad boast excellent mix of apartments and commercial buildings. Now, let’s take a look at the price trends in each city. 

Flats for Sale in Karachi: There are a number of apartment projects in Karachi, whether you want to buy an apartment in areas like DHA, Gulshan or Nazimabad. The prices for apartments in Karachi start from PKR 10 lakh and increase all the way up to PKR 6.75 crores, depending on the size.

 Flats for Sale in Lahore: Askari, Bahria town, and Johar town are the most popular areas for buying a flat in Lahore. It’s comparatively easier to obtain a flat for sale in the city due to affordability. The prices of apartments in this city start from PKR 15 lakh, and go all the way up to PKR 3.5 crores. 

Flats for Sale in Islamabad: Apartments in Islamabad range from PKR 13 lakh to PKR 5 crore on an average, and are easier to purchase. You could look for apartments in neighbourhoods such as G-17, DHA, E-11, B-17 and F-11. In order to browse flats for sale in Islamabad, check Jagah Online’s website, and let us find the perfect property for you.

This is where our detailed post on different types of apartments in Pakistan ends. We have listed all the types and discussed how they are categorised. We’ve highlighted everything that sets them apart from each other, so that you can decide which one suits you best.

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