When It Comes To Building Your House From Scratch And Making Decisions Of Everything Yourself To Bring Life To That Ultimate Imaginary Dream House You Have Always Wished For, You Do Not Want To Take Risks At Any Cost, For Doing So You Need To Have Keen Knowledge About Every Detail Of Home Construction. Walls Are The Basic Part Of Your Home’s Safety, The Material Used Should Ensure Protection. On The Other, Hand The Length, Width, And Structure All Needs To Be Decided. Get Some Samples And Research About The Walls Used In A House Type Like Yours. Select The Best Three And Finally Go For One From Those. There Are Not Such A Large Number Of Varieties As For Types. You Have Interior Or Exterior Walls. For Inside, They Are Either Load-Bearing Or Non-Load Bearing But They Consist Of The Subparts As Well.

Load Bearing Walls

Load-Bearing Walls Hold The Weight Of The Entire House. The Materials Used In These Are Specially Checked And Should Be Durable Materials. It Starts From Making A Structure Of Thick Wooden Beams Then Steel Is Induced. Next, Come The Bricks And Cement. It Holds The Lateral Pressure Of The Land. The Factors Affecting Retaining The Walls Are Groundwater Conditions, Budget And Most Importantly The Slope Behind It. It Is Further Divided Into Types:

  • Precast Concrete Wall
  • Retaining Wall
  • Masonry Wall
  • Pre Panelized Load-Bearing Metal Stud Walls
  • Engineered Brick Wall
  • Stonewall

 Non-Load Bearing Walls

As The Name Says, Its Function Is Not To Bear A Load Of The House, Only Their Own Weight. These Can Also Be Called As Interior Walls. These Are Used To Separate Rooms Or Partition Walls. The Structure Does Not Require Wooden Beams Or Steel. Further, It Has Types As Well:

  • Hollow Concrete Block
  • Hollow Bricks
  • Façade Bricks
  • Brick Wall

 Panel Walls

It Is Used For The Aesthetics Of Buildings And Houses For Interior And Exterior Both. Generally Made Of Wood And A Non-Bearing Wall. It Is Subjected To Lateral Loads And Totally Supported On Every Floor.

Cavity Walls

It Has A Cavity In Between. The Outer And Inner Wall Is Separated By An Air Space. It Is Mostly Used In Regions Where Monsoon Weather Takes Place Because It Protects The Inner Surface Of Walls From Rain.

Partition Walls

Also A Non-Load Bearing Wall For The Partition Of A Larger Space Into Smaller Spaces. Mostly Used In Offices For Cabins. Glass, Fiberboards Or Bricks Are Used To Build Them.

Faced Walls

Faced Walls Have Two Different Materials Used Bonded In One. The Outer May Be Made Of Bricks And Inner Of Glass Or Wood.

Shear Walls

Shear Walls Are Built To Resist The Pressure In Circumstances Of Earthquakes Or Other Natural Disasters. Typically, A Wood Frame Stud Wall Covered With Material Like Plywood.


Veneered Walls

Single Non-Structural Walls Mostly Made Of Stones Or Bricks. At The Back Of It, Air Space Is Presently Named As An Anchored Veneer