Is Spotify Launching in Pakistan?

The news of Spotify Launching in Pakistan has set the internet on a speculative frenzy, with just bare minimum information to go on and no official press release from the company, people are left wondering whether the Sweden-based music giant is really stepping foot in Pakistan. 

The speculation rose after Saturday, November 15th, when a verified account by the name of ‘Spotify Pakistan’ emerged on social media. 

The account did not share any company details or formal announcements, but quickly amassed more than 10 thousand followers in just 24 hours and currently stands at over 17 thousand followers, with no posts or announcements as of yet. 

Similarly, their presence was also announced on Facebook via a verified page under the same name, Spotify Pakistan, and the page similar to the Instagram account is void of any information, apart from the company logo and some graphical elements with the brand colors. 

The music streaming company has just under 150 million subscribers worldwide, with over 4 billion playlists and 60 million tracks to choose from. With the music being accessible to consumers via almost all smart devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles. 

Adding flame to the fire, and furthering the debate of whether Spotify launching in Pakistan is legitimate despite official announcement, the Islamabad-based musician Shamoon Ismail tweeted from his official account, ‘I confirm Spotify is launching in Pakistan’. 

 The tweet was met with some positive reactions, but largely caused further discussions over the authenticity of Spotify Launching in Pakistan.  

If or when Spotify does start its operation in Pakistan, it will be interesting to see how a country famous for its lack of strict intellectual property laws and high rate of music piracy will react to such a company.   

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