This Occasion Praised Yearly On December 25th Is Because Of The Birth Celebration Of Our Nation’s Hero Named Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Who Was An Outstanding Lawyer, Founder Of Pakistan And Pakistan’s First Governor-General. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Was Born On December 25th 1876 In Karachi, Which Was Still Piece Of British-Controlled India Around Then.

Numerous Personalities In This World Cause Their Country To Accomplish Their Objectives. Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Is One Of The Incredible Characters Of The Pakistan And The Muslims Of The Subcontinents Who Changed The Life Of The Muslims In The Subcontinent And Made A Separate Country For Them. He Is Also Called The Baba-E-Qaum (The Father Of The Nation).

On August 11, 1947, A Recently Framed Pakistan Held Its First Parliamentary Session. The Design Was To Draft A Constitution. During This Session, Pakistan’s Establishing Father Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Proclaimed: “You Are Free; You Are Free To Go To Your Temples, You Are Free To Go To Your Mosques Or To Any Other Place Of Worship In This State Of Pakistan. You May Belong To Any Religion Or Caste Or Creed – That Has Nothing To Do With The Business Of The State.

Jinnah Filled In As Pioneer Of The All-India Muslim League From 1913 Until Pakistan’s Autonomy On August 14, 1947 And Pakistan’s First Governor-General From August 15, 1947 Until His Demise On September 11, 1948. Jinnah Rose To Unmistakable Superiority In The Indian National Congress At First Explaining Thoughts Of Hindu-Muslim Solidarity And Helping Shape The 1916 Lucknow Pact Between The Muslim League And The Indian National Congress; He Additionally Turned Into A Key Leader In The All India Home Rule League. He Proposed A Fourteen-Point Established Change Intended To Defend The Political Privileges Of Muslims In A Self-Administering India.

 Jinnah Later Presented The Two-Nation Theory Grasping The Objective Of Making A Different Muslim State According To The Lahore Resolution. The League Won Most Muslim Seats In The Election Of 1946. After The British And Congress Retreated From The Cabinet Mission Plan Jinnah Required A Direct Action Day To Accomplish The Arrangement Of Pakistan. The Immediate Activity By The Muslim League And Its Volunteer Corps Brought About Huge Dispute In Calcutta Among Muslims And Hindus/Sikhs. As The Indian National Congress And Muslim League Neglected To Arrive At A Power-Sharing Recipe For Joined India, It Incited Both The Gatherings And The British To Consent To Autonomy Of Pakistan And India. As The Main Governor-General Of Pakistan, Jinnah Drove Endeavors To Establish The Frameworks Of The New Province Of Pakistan, Outline National Arrangements And Restore A Great Many Muslim Displaced People Who Had Relocated From India.

Jinnah Was A True Leader Who Dedicated All His Life Fighting For Muslims And Their Rights. Pakistan Came Into Being Because Of His Tireless Efforts. Sixty-Five Years Even After The Passing Of Its Establishing Father, Pakistanis Are Yet In Search For Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s Vision For The Nation.

Famous Quotes By Quaid E Azam

“There Is No Power On Earth That Can Undo Pakistan.”

(Speech At A Mammoth Rally At The University Stadium, Lahore On 30th October, 1947.)

“No Nation Can Rise To The Height Of Glory Unless Your Women Are Side By Side With You. We Are Victims Of Evil Customs. It Is A Crime Against Humanity That Our Women Are Shut Up Within The Four Walls Of The Houses As Prisoners. There Is No Sanction Anywhere For The Deplorable Condition In Which Our Women Have To Live.”

Any Idea Of A United India Could Never Have Worked And In My Judgement It Would Have Led Us To Terrific Disaster.”