6th Pakistan Super League Postponed due to COVID-19

KARACHI: The 6th PSL postponed due to a rise in COVID-19 cases amongst the teams and the organisers of the tournament, as reported by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Thursday. 

As per the official statement issued by the Pakistan Cricket Board, a formal meeting was held where it was decided that the health and wellbeing of all the people involved in the success of the tournament is of priority. In light of the rise in the cases being reported, the board decided to postpone the Pakistan Super League 6 with immediate effect.  

The league officially started from 20th February, which followed seven reported cases within the team and the management, raising concerns for the board. The worsening conditions then prompted the Pakistan Cricket Board to take immediate actions. 

The Pakistan Cricket board then decided that the PSL should be postponed. The board decided that they need to focus more on the safety and security of management, players, and all stakeholders involved in the tournament. Furthermore, the board will be arranging PCR tests, vaccines, and isolation facilities for those that have already tested positive for corona, while practicing caution for the rest. 

A meeting is yet to be conducted by the PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan, at the National Stadium to provide a complete overview and further updates in this regard. 

PSL Postponed for 2021 –  What Should Fans Know About Tickets Refund?

After PSL postponed the sixth edition of the tournament, fans are not only worried about how they are going to get updates on the series, but they are also concerned about the tickets refund for matches that are not going to take place from now onwards. 

As per latest updates on PSL 2021, the authorities are not sure about how the situation will turn out. There are no such leads as to when the series will resume. However, last year PCB issued a refund policy for all the ticket holders and it was announced on their official channels. 

There are no updates as of now. For your convenience, we would recommend you to bookmark this page and keep coming for updates. We will keep you posted with PSL 2021 ticket refund policy. 

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