Pak–Iran–Turkey Container Train Set to Resume from March 4th

A highlight in the world of trade this week was the commencement of Istanbul – Islamabad cargo train. 

This trilateral train would connect three countries, in the matters of trade, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. Although the service initially started in 2009, it came to what seemed like a stop in 2011 due to security issues. After a gap of nine years, the trilateral cargo train is set to resume service from March 4.

The train would begin its journey on 4th March from Istanbul and reach Zahidan after almost 4 days, from where the train would leave for Islamabad and reach on 16th March. Pakistan Railways is in close communication with the ministries of foreign affairs and railways are coordinating with The Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO), and their corresponding ministries in Turkey and Iran.

In the period of three years, from 2009 till 2011, eight trains left for Turkey from Pakistan and six trains left from Turkey for Pakistan.  

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Coming to the present time, after completing a journey of 12 days the train would reach Pakistan, reload and then leave for Turkey.  

According to an official document, this ECO Train will operate on the first Thursday of every month.  With the train stretching 420 meters, the allowed weight of the cargo will be 750 tonnes. 

Mr. Kashif Yousfani, the Chief Marketing Manager of Pakistan Railways said in a statement, that news of 24 containers has been booked from Turkey to Iran and Pakistan. Mr. Hamdan Nazie, a senior official of Pakistan Railways said, “0.23 Euros per Kilometer will be charged if goods container is 40 feet size and instructions have also been issued to launch print and electronic media campaigns”.

Let’s hope that this project along with CPEC, would bring economic prosperity to the country. For more information related to current affairs of Pakistan, stay updated with JagahOnline Blogs and follow us on Facebook.