A Property Comparison Of Yesterday’s And Today’s Premiers

nawaz sharif vs imran khan

Jati Umra Is The Real Estate, Owned By The Country’s Renowned Sharif Family, That Holds The Status Of A Palace. Although The Property Has Not Been Declared As An Asset By The Former 3-Time Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, It Is His Official Residence And The Hub Of Pml-N Politics.

The Property Is Named After The Town Of Jati Umra, Tarn Taran Sahib In Punjab. This Is Where The Sharif Family’s Elders Lived Before Moving To Lahore In 1932.

 Raiwind Palace

The Estate Is Spread Over 1700-Acres, Which Is 15 Times The Size Of Vatican City! Constructed Area On This Land Is Around 312-Acres, Which Can Accommodate More Than 8 Bani Gala Residences! According To Assets Declared By The Sharif Family, The Jati Umra House Is Valued At Pkr 4 Million.

Raiwind Palace Inside

The Extravagant Estate Is Filled With Taxidermy Mounts And Statues, Mostly Of Feline Cats, Which Is The Official And Electoral Symbol Of Pml-N. The Main Garden Showcases A Huge Stone Statue Of A Black Lion Surrounded By Smaller White Marble Lion Statues. Lavish Fixtures And Fittings Are Installed Throughout The Palace. It Is Considered To Be One Of The Most Expensive And Luxurious Residences In All Of Pakistan.

Bani Gala Is The Personal Residence Of Ex-Cricketer And Current Prime Minister Of Pakistan, Imran Khan. It Is Also The Official Residence Of The Premier Since February, 2019 When Imran Khan Decided To Convert The Prime Minister House Into Islamabad National University.

Compared To The Jati Umra Palatial Estate, Imran Khan’s Mansion In Bani Gala Is Only Around 37-Acres.

Bani Gala Mansion

The Declared Value Of Khan’s Bani Gala Residence Is Pkr 11.5 Million. It Is Marvelous How A 1700-Acre Estate Can Be Valued At 3 Times Less Than A 37-Acre Mansion!

The Bani Gala Manor Is Divided Into Two Portions, One For The Prime Minister’s Political And Official Use And The Other As His Personal Residence And For His Family. The Mansion Features World Class Offices And Meeting Rooms Where Khan Conducts His Business. The Residential Area Features A Huge Master Bedroom, Separate Rooms For His Kids And An Elegant Drawing Room.

Imagine The Lifestyle Possibilities In Estates Like These!