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Every port plays an important role in the country’s growth and developments. The Keti Bunder Seaport Project, as the name suggests, is an under-construction sea harbour located in the Thatta district and Arabian Sea. Keep scrolling this blog as we unfold all the information that you seek.

The ports near the River Indus faced constant problems and there was a strong need to build another port which would provide financial possibilities. The seaport project was initiated by former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto during her tenure. The total cost of the project was estimated at PKR 200 Billion.

The project consists of multiple ventures, but we have mentioned the two most important parts of it below:

  • A coal-based power station of around 5280 megawatt will be an essential part of the Keti Bunder Seaport. 
  • The project is planned to promote the trend of start-ups within Thatta district. It will support medium and small-sized businesses.

Needless to say, once the project is complete, it will be a state-of-the-art development in Sindh. Besides elevating the trade and commercial industry of Pakistan, it will prove to be a blessing for the people of local regions increasing tourism, logistics, and startup culture. 

Keti Bunder Seaport Location 

Keti Bunder is located near Thatta District Sindh
Keti Bunder Seaport is located near Thatta District.

Ideally located near the National Highway (N110), Keti Bunder sits on Hajamro Creek. 

Furthermore, it’s connections to major arteries and Arabian makes this place accessible from any part of the country. The port shares the same coastline with Karachi and some parts of Balochistan. 

Considering all this, it would not be wrong saying that the location of the port gives it an edge over other projects and it will positively affect and transform the living and commercial quality of the cities at the end of these roads. 

Further Information on The Seaport Project

Update on the Seaport Project
Update on The Seaport Project

The Keti Bunder Port will handle all the situations and customize hankerings of Today’s business. As a part of CPEC, it can simply transport cargo to China and other countries at a very low price. This project can smoothly lure international investors.

However, the progress and development scheme is taking time to reach its ultimate goal. You can see the details about the Project from the official website of CPEC

So far, the Joint working groups will be consulting on the Project to arrange meetings and future studies on the project, and it is official that the Keti Bunder Seaport will not be an individual project but will be acting under CPEC, to improve ports in Sindh. 

FAQs about the Project

Keti Bunder is an Arabian Sea harbour located in Thatta District and it is planned to boost Pakistan’s economic activities.

It has the potential to carry large vessels, saving time and creating efficiency in discharging cargo. In comparison with other existing ports in Pakistan like Gwadar Port, Port Qasim, and Karachi Port — Keti Bunder will be a massive addition to the country’s economy. 

The CPEC projects will benefit Pakistan to reach into the International economy and balance the requirements of the country. The Seaport project, as mentioned above, will not be acting as an individual project, but it will be performed under the contract of CPEC projects.

This was our blog on the Keti Bunder Seaport Project. We have discussed the review of the project including its location. We have also answered the most frequently asked questions about the project. Feel free to ask any questions. Hope this blog gave you the information you need. To learn about project related blogs, click to our website JagahOnline and don’t forget to like our Facebook page.