Shalimar Hill Farms Kallar Kahar For Sale

Islamabad, Islamabad, Punjab

Rs 30 Lakh

1 Kanal


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1 Year Payment Plan of Shalimar Hill Farm Kallar Kahar 25% Down Payment 2 Kanal @ 60 Lac , Down Payment: 15 Lac 4 Kanal @ 120 Lac, Down Payment: 30 Lac 8 Kanal @ 240 Lac, Down Payment: 60 Lac Chalet Suites 5 Lac/ Marla Situated near the midpoint between Lahore and Islamabad, Kalar Kahar, Gateway to soon vallet, is a splended location and a tourist destination, known for its famous lake. Home to some of the magnificent species of peacocks, this land has an extensive history. Thakh-e-Babari, a throne cut in stone for the first Mughal Emperor Zahir-ud-din Babur is now one of the major tourist attraction. Blessed with mineral water grade springs and underground reserves, its moderate climate, clean atmosphere and a hilly terrain makes the area of this project excellent location to visit, stay and live in harmony with the nature. A Project Of Seth Nisar Ahmed Pakistan's Biggest Project Dream Farm Houses With all Facilities in Fresh Air of Kalar Kahar. Best Place Dream Farm Houses Dram Huts Dream Property


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