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Essentials of Buying a Property in Pakistan

Essentials of Buying a Property in Pakistan

People are unsure to invest in Properties in Pakistan, because of the uncertain situation of the country. Conversely, if you manage to get a piece of land on your name, your investment will multiply in no time, because trends demonstrate that the real estate market always recovers from any setback. If you are a newbie to the real estate market, here is a step by step guide on how to buy a property in Pakistan. 1. Print Still is the King While technology has rapidly grown over the years, some fads never disappear. For buying a house in Pakistan or selling one, you should look one up in the newspaper – yes! The logic here is simple – majority of the people involved in the buying and selling of properties are old folks who are not very tech savvy, like me. They still search up properties in the classified sections of newspapers and consult real estate agents. 2. Do Market Research When you know what you need, then the next step usually involves searching for your picture-perfect property. If you want an office let’s say, ensure it is in a commercial area and can accommodate your needs. If it is a house that you wish, make sure it is well furnished and is in close proximity to basic facilities like supermarkets, educational institutes, hospitals etc. 3. Be Shrewd in Negotiations If you are a newbie and are just venturing into the real estate industry, we advise you to get help from a seasoned realtor before making any offer. Often times, you might end up offering more than the actual value of the property, and please make an offer face to face with the owner, in the absence of the agent. 4. Pay in Installments Once everything has been decided, pay the owner some form of token money. The amount should ideally lie between 1 to 2 lacs. Do not forget to take a receipt of it along with the owner’s CNIC. 5. Get the Transfer Letter in Your Name Once you have moved into your property and paid the remaining amount, get the property letter transferred to your name. You will have to pay around 5 to 6 thousand rupees to get the transfer letter in your name.

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Bahria Adventure Land – A Theme Park or Hoax?

Bahria Adventure Land – A Theme Park or Hoax?

Recently, the Bahria Town Group unveiled Bahria Adventure Land – a theme park built on international standards. The park is certainly one of a kind in Pakistan; featuring exhilarating roller coasters, a giant wheel, illuminating water fountains, international food chains and much more. But the age-old adage, “all that glitters is not gold” fits perfectly in its context, want to know why? Please, read on. The Location Located in Gadap Town, the theme park is not situated in the most ideal of areas (unless you are a citizen of Bahria Town). For an average family, it will easily cost somewhere between 1-2 thousand in fuel expense alone. Add this to the entry fee and the snacks, and you seriously risk denting your wallet. The question begging to be asked here is that adventure parks, such as Aladdin, Sindbad, Atlantis are well within the confines of Karachi, then why did Bahria Town choose such a distant location to build Pakistan’s premier amusement park? Maybe the administration should slap the label “For Bahria Town Residents only” on it. The Hefty Price Tag We all know it is no Disney Land, right? But for heaven’s sake, if you are appealing to the local audience, then why are you charging such exorbitant ticket prices? Last year, I had the chance to visit U.A.E to see my relatives. One of the biggest attractions over there is Ferrari World – a theme park built by Ferrari. What they charged us for entry was only a couple thousand rupees more than what the management of Bahria Adventure Land is charging. So, you are telling me Bahria’s theme park rivals Ferrari World in terms of entertainment options and value for money? Ridiculous! There has been a video circulating on social media in which a man shares his disappointment over the outrageous ticket prices. Imagine the despondency of the families with their kids, spending thousands just to get there and barred from entering because they could not afford! The Risk Factor Perhaps the most important point to consider. What are the guarantees that the rides will not malfunction midway in the air? Is the park equipped with adequate number of security personnel to ward off any terrorist attack? Does the park have healthcare professionals or medical centers nearby in case of an emergency? These are some questions only the Bahria Town administration can answer. The wounds from the not so long ago Askari Park incident are still fresh, and I feel people should boycott this commercial, money making scheme from Bahria at any cost – especially when there are far better options well within the city.

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The night of spooks is here. Yes, we’re talking about Halloween! Kids usually dress up in their spookiest costumes to follow the old tradition of Trick or Treat, collecting candies from various houses. While it is a night of fun and frights, we decided to have a little fun of our own, by listing the top 5 most haunted places in Pakistan. P.S. read it with the lights on! Karsaz Road, Karachi Every Karachiite is familiar with the Karsaz Road, one of the busiest roads in Karachi. Now there is a famous tale revolving around this road. Particularly on its Dalmia Road, there a beautiful bride in a red dress which has been spotted by many people using that road. The story goes back to the 70s where a couple was driving home on their wedding night and got into a fatal accident. It is said that the woman’s ghost still roams around on that road, remembering the incident when she tried to help her dying husband. Shamshan Ghat, Hyderabad Every graveyard can give you the chills. However, the Shamshan Ghat in Hyderabad is on another level. It’s a 250-year-old graveyard, where it is said that Hindus used to perform their rituals of cremating the dead bodies. At present, people have witnessed paranormal activity of children playing there. It is believed that the souls never left that space. Sheikhpura Fort, Lahore The historic monument of Lahore is a tourist attraction, because of its heritage value. However, rumour has it that the Sheikhpura Fort in Lahore is haunted, with its haveli still holding the souls of the queens who have lived there. The Koh-i-Chiltan Peak, Balochistan A gorgeous peak, with the highest point is one of the major attractions of Balochistan. However, have you ever heard the story behind this tourist attraction? According to the tales, a couple lived there who could not have a child. In utter desperation, they decided to meet a pir for help. This ultimately led them to have 40 children, which also did not satisfy the couple as they could not provide for all them. With the couple abandoning 39 children, and the mother returning a few years later to find them alive, and eventually losing all her children, the place is haunted till date by those 40 children. Mohatta Palace, Karachi Who doesn’t know what the Mohatta Palace is? Built by the British, Fatima Jinnah resided there till her death. Till date, that place remains to be haunted, with objects moving here to there, and presence felt by several people. It is a museum which is open to the public in the morning, but make sure not to sneak in it at night, to remain far far away from a frightening experience. Like our blogs? You’ll love our properties. Visit our website at to find the best properties listed across Pakistan.

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Every year, Jaga Online helps you to sell or buy property.
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Finding a new house to buy in a big city like Karachi brings many options on your table. You can choose from the variety of locations and houses which suit your requirements. is the right place to start your search for a new house.
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Property in Karachi

There is a lot of potential in the Karachi real-estate. Tap into the property market even if you are in another city at the moment.
Find your new house in the best commercial/residential areas in Karachi like, Gulshion Iqbal, DHA, Bahriya Town, Gulistan-e-johar etc. You can find house for sale or house for rent at these prime locations of Karachi. You can search for houses in many localities and of all sizes (100/120/200/250/500/1000 sq yards).

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Once you are clear on where you want to buy/rent a house, you can move forward with the process. Prices for all of the houses are available on the website, along with the structure details.

Specify your Demand provides options for the visitors where they can choose the property which matches their demands. You can select the size of the house and location for targeted results. You can also choose the number of rooms and set a budget bracket to view only the results which match your needs.

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Make an account on the Jagahonline website and register for free. You can choose to register as an agent or as an individual. Once you have an account, posting your property online has the simplest procedure.
Online real-estate is the preferable choice of both the real estate broker and individuals. Bringing your real-estate business online makes your job easier, faster and lets you make more money.

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You can see exactly where the House stands in a locality on the map. The location makes it easy for you to find the house when you visit.

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Renting an apartment is a complicated procedure nowadays. Taking out time from your busy schedule or searching newspaper for an apartment is not at all easy. On Jagah Online various customers and property brokers have uploaded different rental flats and bedroom apartments for rent at prime location of Karachi and other cities.
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Companies charge a considerable sum of money for their property broker services. However, Jagah Online decided to get away with this trend. You do not have to pay any single penny for creating your account here. We have simplified the procedure of sale/purchase/rent. Moreover, we have equally provided a forum where everyone can involve in the business of real estate. Therefore, Jagah Online is leading from the front in the online real estate business.

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Search online at to find reasonable office places on rent. Select your area of preference, choose your budget window and enter your search. You will receive multiple options for your new office.
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Find a Co-working spaces in Karachi

Property is expansive, especially in the big cities. Since necessity is the mother of all inventions, there is a new trend in the commercial system. Shared coworking spaces in Karachi are an increasingly popular trend these days where people share one office for their entirely different businesses.
Not only is a shared space cost-effective but a good start for new businesses. provides an excellent platform to all such people who are looking for shared workspaces.

Search for co-working spaces in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan.

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Save time on detailing your office interior and find a furnished office at in any city of Pakistan. It is as simple as putting in your demand in the search option and selects the best suited place from the list. An already furnished office available space can cost a little more but also save you from the hassle of settling in. You will find multiple options for a furnished office in our search. We provide an opportunity to the sellers and buyers to communicate directly and eliminate the need for a property broker.

Commercial Showrooms

Sale/purchase/rent an office place is one thing and looking for a reasonable commercial showroom is another. Commercial showrooms are more spacious so they are harder to find. is the right place for anyone who is interested in buying a commercial showroom. Enter your specifications in the search box and get a list of various options. You can choose the best one according to your demand and contact the owner directly.

Are You Looking For a Shop?

Jagah Online is a real estate online portal that helps real estate broker and customer sell and buys properties including shops. Furthermore, this website has more than 1000 shops available in commercial/residential area of Karachi and other leading cities of Pakistan. You can not only buy, you can also sell or rent your shop.

  • Buying of shops
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  • Getting retail outlets
  • Much more

Therefore, one can say that we are giving all kind of services. Our registered customer can receive daily updates of the property via notification. Apart from all this it is the largest online gateway. Similarly, all data regarding the prime location is given in the separate section.

Shop for Sale

Are you putting your shop for sale? Register at the web portal and post your shop with details of location and dimensions. It is as simple as that. Interested people will contact you themselves. Now you can sell your commercial property with just a single click.

Shop for Rent

For everyone who is planning to start their own business, now you can easily search and find the perfect location for your shop at There are long lists of shops for rent, choose the one you like and contact the seller for response.

Buy/Sell/Rent Shops

Our web portal has long listings of available shops. You can search for a shop which fits your demand and get in touch with the seller/renter or buyer. Are you searching for a specific shop?
If you are looking to find a particular shop, you simply need to enter your requirement in the search box and the search engine will provide you with a list of available options.

Find All Commercial Shops

People post a large variety of shops on our web portal including Retail Outlets, Mobile shops, Pan Shop, Milk shop, Cafes and shops for rent.
You can find the perfect location for the franchise you want to start. Find everything and anything at

Fast Running Shop Sale

Often time people shift jobs or homes and decide to sell off their running businesses. You can benefit from such opportunities and buy a running shop. Reduce the time and effort in starting a new business to almost zero by buying a running business.

Our Property listing portal is the key feature of Jagah Online. In these clients as well as property brokers also post their properties whether it is a house or apartment in commercial/residential property, showrooms, retail outlets or commercial shops. All features including price, size, and location are added to it. So you could get a clear description of the property. Jagah Online charges the nominal amount of money for this service.

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If you want a fast running shop sale or looking for a shop for rent, the procedure is that the client registers themselves with Jagah Online after the registration customers search property of their choice where they can get information about the other property and contact the seller.

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