Top Rated and Amazing Museums in Karachi

Aug 21, 2019

Be it food, culture, sightseeing or history; Karachi - an urban metropolis in the truest sense of the word - offers the best of everything. Among the number of amusement and entertainment streets, the city also houses several museums that describe the phenomenal development of Karachi in two centuries.

These museums in Karachi are as close as possible to a time machine. Buckle up as these museums will take you on a journey through time, unraveling the past you've never seen before.


The Pakistan Maritime Museum with six galleries and an auditorium is located on an artificial lake and lush green lawns in the Karsaz area. The museum is managed and operated by the Pakistani Naval Forces. The Pakistan Maritime Museum is one of the most famous museums in Karachi, displaying fascinating marine relics that attract visitors of all ages. Breguet Atlantic Aircraft, Daphne Class Submarine, PNS Mujahid (M164) and the Minesweeper are probably the most attractive exhibits in the Pakistan Maritime Museum. This large open-air museum stretches over 28 hectares and is one of the most exciting places in Karachi.


The National Museum of Pakistan was founded in 1950 as a replacement for the defunct Victoria Museum, dedicated to Islamic heritage, historical artifacts and valuable works of art. It is one of the most popular museums in Karachi and shows the cultural history of Pakistan. There is much to see and discover in the National Museum of Pakistan. The museum has 11 galleries, including an exclusive Korang gallery, containing around 300 antique copies of the Holy Scriptures. Other museum attractions are ancient artifacts, sculptures, political manuscripts and miniature paintings from the Indus Valley and Gandhara civilization.


Built in 1927 as a luxurious residence for Shiv Rattan Mohatta - a successful Marwari entrepreneur of its time - the Mohatta Palace is one of the most fascinating places in Karachi. An Anglo-Mogul architectural note can be clearly seen in the design of this architectural masterpiece. The Mohatta Palace Museum has a total of 44 galleries displaying historical artifacts from various parts of Pakistan. The museum regularly organizes art exhibitions. The existence of magnificent stone statues contributes to the splendor of this place.


Amidst the constant bustle of Karachi stands a peaceful, more than a hundred-year-old yellow limestone structure, the Quaid-e-Azam House. This beautiful building, also known as the Flagstaff House, located opposite the Avari Tower Hotel, was used as one of its residences by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah - the founder of Pakistan. Visitors to this historic museum experience a mega portion of surprise and a new sense of respect as they browse through an extensive collection of Muhammad Ali Jinnah's personal belongings. The Quaid-e-Azam House Museum is probably one of the most beautiful museums in Karachi with its beautiful stone carvings, circular balconies, and vaulted openings.


The site, once the Imperial Bank of India, now serves as a museum displaying valuable ancient pieces of the subcontinent. Inaugurated in 2006, the SBP Museum serves to exchange knowledge and information about the development of monetary systems from antiquity to modern times. Visitors can browse the incredible monetary history of the world and discover interesting information about old currencies. Coins from the era of Alexander the Great and the Gandhara period are on display here. In addition to coin galleries, the museum also offers currency and stamp galleries, where visitors can discover astonishing secrets about the paper currencies and stamps that have been used as funds throughout history.

Pakistan Air Force Museum (PAF Museum):

Pakistan Air Force Museum, commonly known as PAF Museum, is placed neighboring to the PAF Base Faisal on the main Shahrah-e-Faisal. The museum was inaugurated on the 14 August, 1997 by Air Chief Marshal Abbas Khattak (the Chief of the Air Staff of the period) then opened to the public in October, 1997. The museum has displayed several aircraft,F-86 Sabre, F-104 Starfighter, Mirage, FT-6, F-6, T-33, U-Mig15, MFI-17 (Mushshak), Aero Commander, Antonov An-12, Beech D-95A (Travel Air), T-6G (Harvard), Huskie (Helicopter), etc. Every single Pakistani who live or visit Karachi should visit The PAF Museum; it reminds us lot of efforts of our air forces.

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