Top 5 best Schools in Karachi

Aug 22, 2019

In this article, we will see the best schools in Karachi, as Karachi is the most populated city in Pakistan and there are numerous educational institutions in Karachi, but "studying at a well-known institute that offers quality education is one of the key factors behind a successful one career of your child". For this reason, it is important to do research before you apply to a "Karachi Educational Institute".

For this reason, we will present today the 5 best schools in Karachi, where you can ensure that your loved ones receive a good and quality education.

Karachi American School:

The Karachi American School is one of the leading and most prestigious schools in Karachi. It was founded in 1953. At the beginning, the Karachi American School was called the International School of Karachi and offers classes from pre-school to 13th grade. The Karachi American School has the best faculty member of the city to offer the best quality teaching to its students. In addition, the school is known for its modern class infrastructure, and the KAS has organized a range of sports and other creative activities that help students grow in every way.

Karachi Grammar School:

The Karachi Grammar is a private, English-speaking middle school in Saddar, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is a coeducational day school that teaches more than 2,400 students between the ages of three and nineteen. It was founded in 1847 by Reverend Henry Brereton, the first chaplain of Karachi. It is one of the oldest private schools in Pakistan and the second oldest school in South Asia.

Mama Parsi School:

The MAMA PARSI GIRLS SECONDARY SCHOOL is also one of the best schools in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is the only girls' school in Karachi that was founded on April 1, 1918. As one of the earliest schools in the city, Mama Parsi provides high-quality training in academics, behavior and personal development. The faculty even offers an afternoon shift, where classes start at 12:45. The faculty applies strict academic guidelines and guidelines that must be followed carefully by both parents and students. Mama Parsi School offers education in enrollment and Cambridge-based system.

The City School:

The City School or TCS was founded in 1978 in Karachi. The City School is one of the fastest growing private school companies and has more than 180 schools in different cities of Pakistan. The elementary school follows the British curriculum, while the secondary schools follow the Pakistani and Cambridge curriculum. Higher education with an O-A level has offered students a perspective on education in different countries.

Beacon House School System:

It is one of the largest school networks in Pakistan. Beacon house School System was founded in 1975 under the motto "Seek the Light". The Beacon house School System is one of the largest school networks in more than 9 countries (UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Bangladesh). The Beacon house is more than just a complete school. The best thing about the Beacon house school system in Karachi is that you not only receive quality education, but also additional curriculum activities that highlight your child's hidden talent.

Top 5 best Schools in Karachi


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