Tips to make your small bedroom look bigger

Aug 22, 2019

Almost everyone dreams of owning a large house with spacious rooms. However, if you live in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad, you are likely to live in a much smaller area, considering how prices have skyrocketed in these cities over the past ten years. But do not worry. We have some helpful tips for you that can help you turn your cozy space into a perfect retreat. Let's take a look at these little bedroom decorations to take advantage of the space you have and create extra leg space.


It is not the surface of a room that promises luxury. There are many ways to make the most of a small bedroom. You can play with neutral colors, improve air circulation, place your furniture, let in daylight, eliminate clutter, use built-in wardrobes and voila! They are the perfect place to relax after a hard day's work.


Living in a small bedroom is one thing, but it's another way of leaving it that way, without bothering to make yourself comfortable. It becomes quite difficult to manage daily affairs when you have to store a lot of things in a small room.

First, sort your stuff. If you have cleaned up your home on a weekend and only have the bare necessities left, you can better organize things.


Do not refuse a king size bed, even if your room is small. Some of the best space saving ideas for small bedrooms are the use of the area under the bed. Buy a bed frame that has drawers or can be used as a bookshelf. Do not fill it with the usual bells and whistles. Keep your comforter, sheets, blankets, and off-season clothing in the drawers under your bed. You can also use a fold-up bedstead to keep things nicely tucked away, or roll cots under the bed so you can easily pull them out when needed. The importance of less space and a neat looking bed cannot be undermined when it comes to home decor.


You must be familiar with it: If you've ever put on a striped shirt, you know you look a little wider than your normal self. Stripe patterns on the walls of your house are quite similar. Horizontal stripes on the walls lend a small bedroom length, while vertical stripes give the impression of a high ceiling. Use one of the two options and make your bedroom look bigger.


Nesting tables look good in a small space. You can pull it out at night if you use it in bed and push it in if you do not use it during the day. Similarly, a headboard can be used to place small decorative items that will add elegance to your space. A multipurpose headboard can perform a dual function of storing additional things inside and adding to a small room decoration. Folding tables that can pop out whenever you need them look best and can also serve as a workspace for your shift.

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