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Tallest Building By EMAAR in Pakistan

Sep 17, 2019


With the economy in complete disarray, along with external tensions along the border, there are a few aspects for Pakistanis to look forward to, and anticipate. Construction, despite all hurdles, is in full force. Projects are being developed at a decent pace. One such project, which has highly been anticipated, and continues to excite Pakistanis’ on its development are the Emaar projects.

Emaar is currently developing 2 projects in Pakistan: Crescent Bay in Karachi, and Canyon Views in Islamabad. While these projects have been underway since quite a while, it continues to grow bigger and better.

Crescent Bay has a view to love! Right next to Dou Darya, these high rise beauties will leave everyone mesmerized. Imagine owning your very own apartment, with the view of the most beautiful seas Pakistan has to offer. That’s not just it, there’s a beach too! Imagine, a beach right in front of your building. Dubai Much? Not to mention, the variety of restaurants, placed right near it. It certainly is a project everyone is looking forward to. One can only imagine the hype it will create once the project is completed.

The second project is the Canyon views, which will be a gated community on Islamabad expressway. The beauty of this project is the look of the villas and townhomes that it has to offer. Apart from its aesthetic touch, it will become a community on its own. Be it schools, stores, restaurants, or offices, it will have everything to offer. With so much to offer, one can only imagine how quickly this residency will be bound to fill up.

Emaar is one of the leading projects in Pakistan. We can only hope that their inauguration is done soon, and the announcements of newer projects come running in, for a better and glorious Pakistan.

Emaar Properties is a global developer, based in Dubai. With astounding projects in properties, shopping malls, hospitality and leisure, it has shifted on a global aspect, to work forward on a bigger and better scale.

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