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Spot Record AND Win PKR 1 lakh

Spot Record AND Win PKR 1 lakh


Karachi City

Tired of seeing trash in Karachi? Want to do something about it? The moment is here.

Garbage spread across the city

The Sindh Information Minister, Saeed Ghani, has indicated that any citizen who records and identifies another citizen throwing garbage around the city, and sends the video to the assigned WhatsApp numbers at 0300-0074296 and 0300-008429 will get a reward of PKR 100,000.

The minister said that he himself has observed citizens dumping garbage all over Karachi without caring about its impact and the amplified costs to administration to get rid of it.

Dump Trucks picking up garbage as part of Clean my Karachi campaign

Earlier, Chief Minister of Sindh Murad Ali Shah also gave a resembling statement, and claimed that he will show how Karachi can be cleaned in a week. Following his statement, a Clean my Karachi 18-member committee was assigned to monitor the progress of this city-wide tidying-up campaign.

CM Murad Ali Shah with the 18-member committee

If the campaign turns out to be a success, properties in Karachi will become more valuable. This will provide an excellent opportunity to invest in Karachi real estate.

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