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Hamza Ali Abbasi Tied Knot with Naimal Khawar Khan

Aug 27, 2019

Pakistani drama and Film actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and Pakistani drama actress Naimal Khawar Khan recently got married on 25th August in Islamabad. Hamza Ali Abbasi is a well known actor and is heart throb of almost all the girls while the actress Naimal Khawar Khan got fame through her ongoing drama Anaa on HUM TV. There were rumors going around about them getting married on social media channels few days before their marriage so Hamza Ali Abbasi took to his social media account and confirmed that YES!! They are getting married on 21st. The news came as a surprise for fans and people in the entertainment industry alike as there was no discussion in the past of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar being involved in a relationship or planning to tie the knot.

In his tweet, Hamza told about how they started and that how they are ending up in marriage. According to him “We were just frnds for 2 yrs & recently Allah put it in my heart to ask her to marry me for reasons I mentioned and she said yes... Thats the entire story”. Hamza Ali Abbasi called his relationship a “Platonic Friendship”. Detailing about the meaning of a platonic relationship, the Pyare Afzal famed actor said, “It means love or affection in a bond without any sexual element in it. I realized the right way to find love.”

The pictures of their Nikkah Ceremony which was held at Monal restaurant in Islamabad are roaming around the internet and social media channels. The ceremony was attended by families of both the bride and groom and their close friends only.  The bride, of Anaa fame, donned a light gold ethnic ensemble, with matching jewelry and minimal makeup. The groom was dressed in a white kurta shalwar with a matching waistcoat. Their reception will be held on Monday, 26th august.

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