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Big News Regarding Gwadar

Sep 20, 2019

Crown Jewel Of Gwadar: Sanghar Society

Sanghar Housing Scheme was launched in late 90s and is the crown jewel of Gwadar residential property market.

Sanghar Housing Society, Gwadar

Did you know that it is fully financed and supported by the provincial government of Balochistan?

Sea Port ,Gwadar

Located at the top of Koh-e-Batil, the Sanghar Housing Scheme spans over 2500 acres and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean from all four sides, giving its residents an astonishing view.

Koh-e-Batil ,Gwadar

To top it, Sanghar Housing Scheme neighbours Pearl Continental Hotel, Gwadar as well as the installations of Pakistan Navy.

Pearl Continental , Gwadar

The Community also houses mosques, parks, golf course, hotels and resorts. From a total of 5 phases, maps of phase 1 and 4 have already been issued. Sanghar Housing Scheme offers plots for both residential and commercial development in various sizes.

Map of Gwadar

The Housing Society sites on an underground water reservoir with an estimated quantity of 40,000 gallons and houses wide roads with the best security walls, electrification work, desalination plant and sewage treatment plant has been designed  for it.

Prime View Location, Gwadar

A total of 80% of the work on current phases is already done, whereas the rest is soon to be completed.
image title: Gwadar City View, Pakistan 

Sanghar Housing Society is a gated community equipped with wide roads, public parks, drinking water plants etc.

Gwadar Port, Pakistan

The Community also houses mosques, parks, Golf Course, hotels and resorts.

Gwadar Airport

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