Best Street Foods in Karachi

Aug 19, 2019

Karachi, the city of lights, should also be called the city of pleasures! The city not only houses more than 2 million people but also offers a broad mix of people, cultures, languages, traditions, and tastes. However, if you want to taste the local cuisine of the city in all its glory, try the different street food in Karachi.

With words, you cannot live up to the eclectic menu in Karachi, and you do not even have to worry about the budget or dressing to go out.


Bun kebabs were the kings of fast food before burger stormed steal the glory. However, they have not been completely replaced. Many working days could be saved for us by making a short stopover at the nearby Bun Kebab booth. At almost every corner of the street, you will find a stall.

Best Street Foods In Karachi


Let's face it, Rs. 150, fries cannot compare to the Rs. 30 pieces are available in the various street stalls in Karachi. While incredibly greasy and certainly greasy, they have the power to lift the darkest spirits with a single bite.


Although the Desi food in Karachi has borrowed this delicacy from the Middle East, we gave Shawarma's a personal touch. The best we had been near Agha's supermarket. You can find them now in almost every Chaat House in Karachi.


Karachi is connected to the sea and therefore fish is an important part of street food in Karachi. The fried fish, however, has a very own touch! Fish marinated in various spices are fried in oil and often eaten with special chutney (sauce). Places like Yadgar Fish, Biryani of the Seas and Ghaffar Kebab House are home to the most delicious fried fish in Karachi.


Nalli Biryani has been traveling to Karachi for about a year. Karachiites from all corners of the city have tried Nalli Biryani. The reason or ingredient that makes it even more special is the fusion of bone marrow and biryani. For some, Nalli Biryani is the biggest since sliced ​​bread, while others call it overrated. The best Nalli Biryani is served in the Ghousia. It's like a "dhaba" and is located in block 6, Liaquatabad.

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