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The Transition from a House to an Apartment – What to Expect

Feb 17, 2020

There is always a good reason for the transition, you might have some financial difficulties or you might have a house that is too big since the kids moved out. Moving from a house to a new apartment is a brand new start but with an overwhelming feeling. It is never easy; it involves reworking your lifestyle mentally and practically, especially if you have not experienced it before.

We will take you down the expectation lane to give you a better idea of what to expect when moving from a house to an apartment.

Less Living Space

The overall square footage will be less and individual rooms will be smaller, as apartments are designed for efficiency. This means your previous home oversized sofa may need to be traded in for a sleeker version that fits better in your new space. You will have to rethink your furniture.

Share Walls with your Neighbours

Are you used to having quiet time at any time or used to playing music as loud as you want? Well, the downside to the transition from house to apartment is that now you share walls with your neighbor. While living an apartment gives an additional sense of living within a community.

Resort-like Amenities

One of the biggest perks of moving from house to modern apartment living is to enjoy the resort-like amenities. They provide shared amenities like a gym, garden, pool or play area, high speed lifts, covered floors dedicated to car parking and most importantly standby generators. So, choose your apartment carefully.

Limited Storage

You will have to sort out and determine what is worth keeping and taking to the new place. This is one of the major lifestyle changes that come with transition. You will need to let go of things that might have sentimental value for you to not clutter the apartment with belongings that you will never use again. A simple tip to declutter your home is by sorting stuff into three different stacks, keep, discard and donate.

Apart from decluttering, you can always look into alternate solutions for storage like wall shelving and hangings and bed storage or you can look for an apartment with a separate storage area.

Limited Outdoor Space

The transition will be a major shocker if you love to spend time in your garden in the evening. But if you buy an apartment with a spacious balcony and set it up with a few potted plants and some chairs you can stick to your evening routine.

No matter what your reason for the transition is, you need to prepare yourself mentally and plan. Now that you know what to expect when moving from a house to an apartment, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are selecting the right choice for your family.

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