The Era of Electric Cars Begin in Pakistan

Jan 11, 2020

The old phrase, “Better late than ever” can best fit on the Pakistan automobile industry, as Topsun Motors introduce their line of electric cars in Pakistan. In collaboration with China, the company has opened their showroom in Lahore; much to the excitement of 4-wheel enthusiasts.

However, let us be clear about one thing, there is no assembly or manufacturing plant yet in place; as Topsun Motors is still seeking the implementation of the federal EV policy. So, essentially all cars are imported as CBU (Completely Built up Units). The Provincial Minister of Punjab responsible for housing, planning and urban development, Mr. Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed was on hand to inaugurate the ceremony.

The minister was full of praise for China, as they lent their support and technological expertise in realizing this vision. He also had encouraging words pertaining to the “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme” initiative – pointing out that the project will hit the ground running sooner than expected in Lahore.

What is the EV Policy and How Will it Impact the Automobile Industry

A few months ago, the federal cabinet passed an electric vehicle (EV) policy with the ambition of producing eco-efficient cars and preserving fuel. The policy was met with mixed responses – partly because the major players in the automobile industry were not taken into confidence.

However, with the current global energy crisis, this is definitely a step in the right direction. There are three key takeaways from the policy:

1. The oil import bill will be greatly reduced – experts estimate Pakistan will save in excess of $2 billion per year.

2. Electric cars will greatly help in the reduction of greenhouse gases. In simpler terms, the air quality index will improve and people will no longer be exposed to hazardous air. 

3. As with the case of every new industry, many jobs will be created, which will boost the economy and help people make ends meet.

Moreover, the Minister pointed out that more than 3000 CNG stations, which are on the cusp of shutting down due to gas shortage, will be transformed into EV maintenance stops.

The Vehicles

On the inauguration even, four vehicles were showcased - three of them being JMCs with one hatchback. It is pertinent to mention that currently these vehicles come equipped with a standard engine, but once the EV policy is implemented; their electric counterparts will be made available for sale.

Following are the prices of the vehicles, inclusive of withholding tax:

  • Zotye Z100 PKR 1,490,000/-
  • JMC Single Cabin PKR 2,950,000/-
  • JMC Double Cabin PKR 3,950,000/-
  • JMC Vigus 2.4-litre PKR 5,015,000/-

Take a look at the vehicles below:

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