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Real Estate Review - 2019

Jan 03, 2020

Pakistan’s economy put up with many exogenous shocks in the period of 2017-2019. Political scenarios always have a long-lasting impact on the property market. However, the performance of the real estate market in 2019 significantly improved after experiencing serious setbacks in 2018 because of political instability. The sector has accomplished major goals of the year because of the several ultra-modern development plans mapped out by the government and private construction companies 

These developmental plans have and will affect the real estate market’s value upon successful completion. Property market saw a rise in major investments in 2019 and they are expected to escalate by next year. The administration of the new government has built the confidence of the investors in our country.

PTI government came with new tax modifications in the estate sector to ensure more revenues are generated. This step also regulated the real estate sector. Many real estate brokers considered changes in the policies to be the end of the market, however with time, the amendments have shown stability in property’s prices.

 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is one of these developments that has played a major role in strengthening the real estate business. This project is considered to be very important for the real estate as many Chinese people will prefer to come and live near Gwadar, and this will increase the value of the property.

Another underlying factor that rebuilt the shattered and lost confidence of the investors was the value of the dollar. Value of the dollar in the middle of the 2019 changed the optimistic outlook of many people of Pakistan. However, the recent fall in the value of the dollar predicts healthy business which means more investors trusting the real estate business with their finances.

 What to expect from 2020?

Infrastructure has the power to change the entire shape of the business, and in 2020 we expect high-quality infrastructure expansion that will have a ground-breaking impact on real estate. Projects like Bahria Town, Pak China Town and DHA City are touted as game changers.

The demand of the land and property is expected to get increased by the midst of 2020 with the accomplishment of all the high-quality work and developmental plans. Federal government of Pakistan has also taken initiative to reserve a huge amount from a budget just for the infrastructural developments in Pakistan in order to attract investors and buyers. These strategies have started showing their results. We can expect next year to bring many investments in real estate sector with a bright future ahead.

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