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Onwards and Upwards to a Digital Pakistan

Dec 13, 2019

While the rest of the world is facing the full force of Digital, Pakistan is slowly but surely catching up with the pack. Acknowledging the importance of digital media in our lives and the bright future it has in store, PM Imran Khan invited Tania Aidrus, a former Google executive to lead Digital Pakistan.

Tania is no stranger to Pakistan, in fact, she was born here before embarking on a journey to some of the most elite schools abroad. Soon, she landed a job at Google and served as their Chief of Staff and Head of Strategic Initiatives on the Next Billion Users (NBU). Before her breakthrough at Google, she co-founded a tech startup by the name of Click Diagnostics, which bridged patients from the country side to doctors and specialists.

Upon the request of Pakistan’s premier, she left her job a few months ago to spearhead the Digital Pakistan initiative. Tania is determined to put Pakistan on the map, and with her knowledge and credentials, she is the ideal fit to lead the charge.


A Glistening Future Ahead

In her speech, Tania lauded PM Imran Khan’s initiative to kickstart Pakistan’s foray into digital. "A person I knew told the prime minister about me and he forwarded an email to his reform team to contact me," she said. "Over the next course of months, I was in contact with Mr. Jahangir Tareen and members of the federal cabinet. I even met the president before I met Prime Minister Imran and discussed the project," she stated.

Furthermore, she identified 5 key areas where Pakistanis and diaspora nationals can contribute. Tania also stressed that tertiary education in Pakistan needs to amp up its game; and that the current curriculum does not accommodate the fundamentals of digital technology. She also pointed out that Pakistan procured in excess of 3 trillion last year alone in digital. The signs definitely look good, only a direction is needed.

 The New Paradigm

The use of digital technology is rapid among millennials in Pakistan. In fact, a lot of offices and co-working spaces you see here are occupied by digital marketing enthusiasts who aspire to emulate the examples of JWT and Ogilvy.

Now, if we look at it in terms of real estate, the demand is definitely growing. More and more digital startups are springing up, and it goes without saying they need a space to work in – an environment which fosters creativity.

Digital is here and its not going anywhere anytime soon. We can expect to see investments from digital heads into the real estate market. With Digital Pakistan on the horizon, these are exciting times for Pakistanis.

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