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Critical Condition of the Heritage Sites in Pakistan

Dec 05, 2019

Pakistan is abundant when it comes to natural landscapes and historical sites. A lot of them even make it to the top 10 must see lists worldwide. However, we as a nation have failed to reciprocate the love and care these places have showered upon us, and as a result, most of these buildings and artefacts are in dire straits.

If the government does not take effective measures to restore their grandeur, these monuments will become a thing of a distant past. Let’s take a look at some of the heritage sites in Pakistan that need urgent attention.

 1. Merewether Tower

Affectionately known as ‘Tower’, the 2-century old building is located at the intersection of I.I. Chundrigar Road. The tower continues to be an architectural marvel despite being in shambles over the years due to encroachment, lack of interest from the city government to renovate it, as well as wear and tear.

A total of 4 floors accommodate the clock’s working mechanism, and miraculously, it continues to tell time. Built at a cost of rupees 37,000 in the year 1892, the Merewether Tower requires major surgery, or else it will succumb to old age.

Fun fact: The tower has Star of David inscribed on it. 

2. Mohen Jo Daro

The name of Mohen Jo Daro needs no second introduction. We have read about it in schools, newspapers and literally everywhere. However, what we do not know is the fact that this archaeological site is fast deteriorating, as a consequence of negligence on part of the authorities.

Mohen Jo Daro continues to bewilder experts and archaeologists for its planning and development was way ahead of its time. There have been reports that the fund allocated to the government by UNESCO to preserve the site is being looted by the powerful. Moreover, women with political affiliations continue to usurp necklaces and other artefacts from the Mohen Jo Daro museum.

Fun fact: Despite receiving national and foreign aid, the authorities have failed to install drinking water facilities at the site.


3. Makli Necropolis

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as an outstanding testament to Sindhi culture, the Makli Necropolis today fights for survival as a consequence of vandalism, negligence, and solid waste. In fact, most of the tombs are submerged in water.

The site is spread over 10 square kilometers and serves as the final resting place for some 500,000 souls. What really sets this graveyard apart is the stunning display of artwork and intricate designs on the epitaphs. Moreover, the tombs of celebrated figures feature elaborate display of calligraphy, with supporting pillars on each side.

The necropolis is located in Thatta, and if the concerned authorities do not endeavor to preserve this historic site, then Pakistan will lose one of the oldest and most cherished monuments in the world.

Fun fact: People have encountered paranormal activity at the site after sunset. So, just a heads up – do not plan a journey after maghrib!

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