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Who isn’t familiar with the BRT Peshawar Project? Inaugurated for development in October 2017, it has gradually become a menace for the PTI government, and a grey area for their development, with constant delays, claims of below average construction material being used, and a very costly budget. To make matters worse, it has started to affect the life in Peshawar.

The 37km long project is scheduled to have 32 stations with roughly 220 buses on it. This will help provide relief to the ongoing passengers on daily buses, who tend to stand in traffic for a considerable amount of time, due to the planning of the recently turned metropolitan city. The project might be an answer to the hassle of traffic in Peshawar. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t yet.

The problem with the BRT Peshawar Project—also known as TransPeshawar—is the ongoing and persistent delays. Whilst this project was promised to be inaugurated in six months, it clearly hasn’t happened.

To make matters worse, the project has had its share of repercussions as well. The initial project, originally at a cost Rs.of 49 billion, is currently said to be at Rs. 68 billion by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Not to mention the impact it has had on the route it is being constructed on.

People on the roads are suffering because of the diversions, which has resulted in a larger amount of traffic jams on a daily basis. Not to mention the pollution and the impact that has. Makes you wonder, is the project actually worth the time being consumed, along with the barriers the people of Peshawar have to face daily?

On a long term basis, the project can be a sure shot success for Peshawar, and PTI. It is expected for the project to be operational by the end of this year, something PTI will be dearly hoping for. In fact, this is probably the only project that the PTI Government will be so eager to finally end, to get it off their chest at last. Till then, people of Peshawar, all you can do is be patient, and wait.

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