How to Take Care of Your Aquarium?

Aquarium Maintenance Checklist:
Filter cartridge 
Cleaning equipment 
Water in the tank 
Plant maintenance

Keeping pet fishes at our home can be an illuminating experience for individuals who like exploring marine life. While people may think it’s comparatively easier to take care of fish, what they don’t know is aquarium maintenance is a tricky job. 

So, we have decided to compile some tips for aquarium maintenance if you’re one of those people who are trying to figure out whether or not keeping an aquarium is their thing. The idea for this blog knocked to us when we were covering how to buy a perfect aquarium for your home, where mentioned that the upkeep of a fish tank is easy. 

Tips for Aquarium Maintenance 

Here is a list of everything you should keep in mind for aquarium maintenance: 

  • Filter cartridge 
  • Cleaning equipment 
  • Water in the tank 
  • Plant maintenance

Filter Cartridge 

Filter Cartridge
Keeping a check on the fish tank filter is essential

One of the most important tips for maintaining your aquariums is to keep a check on your tank filter. You should be cleaning the tank filter on a regular basis, if not daily. Sometimes you might even need to replace the filter to keep the environment of the tank healthy for your pets. 

Remember to clean the filter bi-weekly before completely replacing it. You will need a siphon and a water bucket. You need to take some of the water out of the fish tank to clean the filter, and remove any visible debris from the aquarium using a good quality fish net. 

In order to have a routine cleaning, place the filter in the water that you have extracted with the siphon. Now, slowly remove mechanical filters and rinse each of these thoroughly. 

Carefully place it back into the aquarium. If you don’t do it twice a week, you will be required to remove and replace the filters after a years’ time. 

Cleaning equipment 

In order to thoroughly clean your fish aquarium, you will need the relevant equipment including: 

  • Siphon-operated vacuum
  • Scrubber
  • Fish net
  • Safe Cleaner
  • Wipes
  • Filter Cartridge replacement 
  • Water bucket
  • Plant Fertilizer 

If you have all of the general items required, chances are you’re going to do a very good job at cleaning your fish tank. 

Water in the tank 

Sometimes, you can evidently see the water in fish tanks change colour, get cloudy, or smell extremely bad. When you see that happening, consider that as a warning sign to change the water. 

Keeping the water of your fish tank clean would also include you keeping a check on the number of fish that are present in the aquarium: do you feel your tank is overcrowded? Do you feel the food is polluting the water? 

While these are major indicators, you shouldn’t just be waiting around for these signs to clean your tank. It is important that you carry out partial water changes every few days to give the fish a healthier environment. 

Use a scrubber to clean the tank from both in and outside. Make sure there is no debris left before you change the water – the new water will get dirty again, otherwise. 

The best water for fish tanks is aged water, what is that you ask? Aged water is simple tap water that has been left out for more than 24 hours. Aged water is considered best for fish tanks because the dissolved gases in running tap water settle by the time you put it in the tank for your fish, making sure that they stay safe. This balances the pH level of the water according to the needs of your fish. 

Some people would stress on getting the water tested every once in a while, to make sure there is no extra amount of ammonia or nitrate in the tank. 

Pro Tip: Add a good dechlorinator to keep the water as healthy as possible for your little pet.

Plant maintenance

Plant Maintenance in Aquarium
Put fertilizers in live plants in your aquarium

People who get fishes and aquariums for aesthetic purposes spend a lot of time decorating them. While most people use decorative artificial plants for the tanks, others use natural ones to give the fish a more natural habitat. If you have live plants in your aquarium, it is important that you keep these aquatic plants clean. 

The water around the plants will be cleaned with the filtration mechanism, however you will be required to add a little fertilizer for these plants every month in order for them to stay nutritious and healthy. 

Pro Tip: Occasionally trim your live plants to make them appear attractive and neater. 

This was all you needed to do in order to carry out a thorough aquarium maintenance at home. Once you have all the equipment you need, all you need to do is follow these tips and you’ll be good to go. So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips to clean your aquariums at home and give us feedback at 

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