This Summers Don’t Waste Time and Visit Sozo Water Park

How do you spend your holidays? Hence, there are several parks and public attractions for the people of Lahore. Such as Gulshan Iqbal Park, Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Gardens and many more. Thus, these are the common choices nowadays, however, it is a time to visit something new and enjoyable on your holidays. For instance, funfairs or water parks. Thus, these are the top spots where you experience different ways of fun and enjoyment.

Likewise, there are numerous water parks all over Pakistan, but do you know which is one of the first and largest water parks in Pakistan? The one and only Sozo Water Park is located in the capital of Punjab. Moreover, this park has influenced other parks in Pakistan to reshape the framework of their public grounds and turn them into water parks. Hence, you will get every necessary information about Sozo Water Park Lahore, which is given below:

Sozo Water Park is an Awesome Place for Family

Sozo Water Park an Awesome Place For Family
Slides and Swings for kids and family at Sozo Water Park Lahore

We all want to go out with our family and have a memorable time therefore, Sozo Water Park is here for you. Thus, this is the perfect public attraction for family outings and picnics. Moreover, there are many facilities along with activities you will get to know. However, there are separate facilities for kids and women are given below, which makes it one of the best water parks in Pakistan, such as:

  • Separate Swimming Pools for Kids 
  • Separate Swimming Pools for Women 
  • Separate Lockers
  • Separate Changing Room
  • Separate Sitting Areas

Slides & Tube Chutes at Sozo Water Park 

The prime attractions of water parks have always been the water flumes and tube chutes. Therefore, you will find numerous types of slides and tubes at Sozo Water Park, thus it is one of the most luxurious and liveable parks in Lahore. Therefore, it provides the best experiences of water swings and chutes for the people of Lahore and travellers from all over the country, slides such as:

  • Half Pipe 
  • Round Slides
  • Body Slides 
  • Bowl
  • Drop slides 
  • Speed Chutes 
  • Raft Flumes 

Water Games at Sozo Water Park Lahore 

Water Games at Sozo Water Park Lahore
You can place Water games such as water balloon toss, tags and volleyball,

The best thing about water parks is that you can also play outdoor games as well. Therefore, you can bring balls and tubes for water games, otherwise, you can also buy these things. However, talking about games there are several you can play with your friends and family, some of them are given below:

  • Water Volleyball
  • Pool Tags 
  • Water Bucket Races
  • Ping Pong Pool
  • Chicken Fight 
  • Water Polo and Many More 

There is also a Dolphin show organised at Sozo Water Park, hence you can also get entertained by watching the show. Thus,dolphin show timings are given below: 

Dolphin Show at Sozo Water Park 

Here in Sozo Water Park, you can make your evening exciting while watching the dolphin show. For a couple of years, the authorities of the park organised this show by bringing the trainers from Russia. So you can also have a good time with your family and friends. Moreover, the timings and ticket prices for dolphins are given below: 

  • Tue-Thru 6 pm (1 show)
  • Fri-Sun 6 pm (2 shows)

Dolphin Show Ticket Prices: 1000 to 2500

Sozo Water Park Ticket Prices & Booking

This Water Park is not expensive, although it provides luxurious facilities, which are given above. However, ticket prices are given below:

Mon-Thru Ticket Price for Adult is around 600 ruppees
Mon-Thru Ticket Price for Kids is around 500 ruppees

Fri-Sun Ticket Price for Adult is around 750 ruppees
Fri-Sun Ticket Price for Kids is around 650 ruppees

There are various ways you can book tickets. such as, online booking and contact numbers are available from where you can easily book your spot. Thus, which are given below:

Sozo Water Park, Lahore Contact Numbers

Phone: 042-36526053
Cell: 0321-7777090

Online Booking 

You can now purchase the tickets online and book your reservation on their website. Moreover, there are different packages as well as offers you can find on the official website, which are given below:

Official Website:

Furthermore, you can arrange a party for 500 people by taking the packages, which are suggested on their official website.

Sozo Water Park Lahore Timing & Location

It is located in one of the prime and popular areas of Lahore. Hence, the address along with timing are mentioned below:

Open: 10 am to 06 pm

Address: Canal Bank Road, near Jallo Park, Lahore – Pakistan


You should visit this water park, which is full of entertainment and fun. Hence, there are various facilities for you and your family including separate pools and slides. Similarly, there are other benefits which are mentioned above. Moreover, you can book your reservations online and by contacting them as well.

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