The Perfect Ramadan Shopping List

Top items for your Ramadan shopping list:
Fruits & Vegetables
Dry fruits & Nuts
Himalayan Salt

With the holy month of Ramadan right around the corner, we are all busy in preparation for the month. In addition to the spiritual preparation, multiple trips to the supermarket are a necessity!

Now it is extremely important to have a balanced and a healthy diet, however, while one is in the supermarket, they usually keep putting whatever grabs their attention in the shopping cart. This impulse buying behavior fills up your pantry, taking up space where you can instead keep healthy food. 

Ramadan is a month of sharing – sharing your wealth and love. It was bestowed upon us to help the needy, so this Ramadan lend a hand to these charity organisations and spread happiness. 

To make it easy for you we have compiled a Ramadan shopping list.

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Must Have Items in Your Ramadan Shopping List

Ramadan Food List
here’s a list of all the must-have items you should have this year

To lay down a healthy feast on your tables this Ramadan, here’s a list of all the must-have items you should have this year: 

  • Dates
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Dry Fruits & Nuts
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Carbohydrates

Let’s discuss in detail why each of these items are put on this list! 


Ramadan doesn’t really feel like Ramadan, if there are no dates on the iftar table. People like to exchange baskets full of dates, in this holy month. 

Not only is breaking your fast with dates a tradition, they are also good for your health since they are rich in minerals, vitamins and bring with it tons of energy. They might be small in size, but are definitely packed with nutrition and power. 

You can easily find various types of dates in any supermarket – these range from almond filled dates, date chocolates, and the favorite remains the Ajwa date from Saudi Arabia. You can consume these various types either as snacks, or use them in shakes and multiple other recipes.

Fruits & Vegetables

Ramadan Grocery Shopping
Don’t forget about the balance they bring to your diet

A lot of individuals usually don’t consider fruits and vegetables as a special item, while making a Ramadan food list, and end up forgetting about them altogether. 

We don’t need to remind you of the richness fruits and vegetables have to offer, but don’t forget about the balance they bring to your diet, and how important they are for your health in Ramadan.

Dry Fruits & Nuts

Adding dry fruits and nuts in your Ramadan grocery shopping should be the most important step.

Just like every other item, dry fruits and nuts are rich in nutrition and minerals, and not only this, they go perfectly with various other dishes, enhancing the flavor. 

You can also use them as a healthy snack, in the time between iftar and suhoor, satisfying your hunger and all the while maintaining your health.

Himalayan Salt

Buy Groceries For Ramadan
If you are visiting a supermarket, keep your list in handy

With the heat waves coming in strong, the most important thing we all need to take care of is keeping hydrated. 

The easiest way to do it is simply replacing your table salt with Himalayan salt. As the Himalayan salt is natural salt and no chemicals and preservatives are added to it, the Himalayan salt helps us maintain the water level of our body.


Removing carbohydrates completely from your list would not be such a wise idea. Carbohydrates although sometimes heavy are highly nutritious. 

But wait! We are not talking about pizza or pasta; we are talking about brown bread and brown rice. They digest slowly and keep you energetic long enough until iftar. 

Ramadan Shopping Tips

 Ramadan Shopping Tips
here are some tips to keep you safe and healthy

Ramadan every year brings tons of joy and encourages us to share our happiness with everyone, whether it is financially or by just staying together.  However, this Ramadan, just like the last one, will be a bit different, due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Now that we have shared the essentials of a Ramadan grocery list in Pakistan, here are some tips to keep you safe and healthy; 

  • Try to do your Ramadan shopping online this year, not only would it keep you and your loved ones safe, it would also keep your cart light, as you would buy things impulsively, all the while saving you time. 
  • If you are visiting a supermarket, keep your list in handy, and make sure to visit at a time when the crowd would be as minimum as possible, for example in the morning on a weekday.
  • When buying groceries for Ramadan, do remember to put the dry items in your cart before adding the frozen ones, as they should not be kept out of the freezer for too long.
  • Keeping in mind your safety, remember to either go alone or just take one person with you.
  • Stay on a certain track so you don’t go putting unnecessary items in your cart, raking up your bill.
  • Once you are done with Ramadan grocery shopping, do not forget to clean and disinfect your grocery items.

These are the basic items and tips that one needs to keep in mind when making a Ramadan shopping list.

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