The Pros and Cons of Virtual House Tours in Pakistan

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Virtual house tours are becoming a common practice in the real estate industry. Thanks to rapidly evolving technology and digitisation, real estate investors and property hunters prefer viewing properties from the comfort of their homes. In this blog, we will list some pros and cons of virtual house tours in Pakistan’s property market. 

The overall process of visiting a site is tiring for both the buyers and the sellers. Most buyers are now making conscious choices to view the property they might be interested in virtually. This helps them save time, resources, and make better informed decisions. 

However, the concept isn’t widely popular, which is why there is a certain degree of reluctance when real estate entrants are introduced to the idea of virtual home tours. So, we will begin from understanding the true meaning of virtual house tours. 

More About Virtual House Tours

Virtual house tour is most commonly known as 3D house tour and 3D walkthrough since it enables the potential buyers to take a good look at properties and their features from the comfort of their homes. It saves the buyer from a lot of trouble especially visiting multiple sites before actually finding the one property that they love. 

With JagahOnline – Pakistan’s digital property portal – virtual home tours are a lot more interactive for the homebuyers. You can easily browse a property in Karachi’s Bahria Town or houses for sale in Bahria Town, Islamabad while sitting in any part of the country. 

Moreover, potential buyers and sellers can now make use of the listings available at our website. It can help them save time, effort, and legwork. You can easily take a look at the pictures and videos to understand every dimension of the property. 

Now that you have developed the understanding of virtual house tours, let’s discuss the pros and cons of virtual house tours in Pakistan. 

Advantages of Virtual House Tours in Pakistan

Advantages of Virtual House Tours in Pakistan
Virtual house tours provide a life-like experience for those searching for houses.

There are a number of advantages of virtual house tours in Pakistan. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned below:  

  • Comfortable 
  • Time-Saving 
  • Interactive 


One of the massive advantages of property virtual tours is that buyers can view any property and its features from the comfort of their own home. It literally means that potential investors can visit any property, no matter where they are. 

If you have ever wondered who benefits from virtual house tours, we have an example. 

There are a number of overseas Pakistanis who choose to make real estate investments in their home country. For such buyers, who are willing to invest in the property market but do not have the means to browse through relevant options, virtual home tours provide a great advantage. 

On the other hand, when buyers opt for physical tours, they can’t browse multiple properties on the same day. Virtual house tours enable you to navigate through various properties in less time. 

You might need transport for physically visiting the site but virtual tours only require a stable internet connection and a working laptop or smartphone. Once you have it, you can easily take a look at your desired neighbourhoods, or at the house you like. You can browse the properties for as long as you want and as many times as you want. 


As per an old adage – “time is money” – which means that the time you spend in physically visiting the site, you can utilise it for converting a crore into millions.

Looking for the perfect house is not an easy job – you have to visit a number of houses and spend long hours to find the one that matches your budget and needs. 

What if we told you that you can take a look at multiple houses in less than a minute? What if we told you that you could do all this without even stepping out of your house? 

Property searching is very time intensive when you do it in person. With virtual home touring, you can save an ample amount of time by looking at property options from the comfort of your home. You can take a look at multiple properties, in different cities, and even in other countries with just a few clicks. 

Imagine the amount of gas that goes into traveling from one prospective property to another. You can travel from one neighbourhood to another in a few seconds.

All in all, the concept of virtual home tours is not only beneficial for those who are buying properties, but also those who wish to sell them.


Traditional real estate buying and selling occurred either through in person visits, or through insufficient pictures or videos. However, with virtual home tourism, you can now avail a much more interactive and reliable experience with the properties you may be interested in. 

Instead of just going through a few pictures or videos, without actually being able to see all dimensions – you can get a much more realistic picture of the property with 3D home tours. You can see the property in every direction and dimension you want, without ever getting off your comfortable couch! 

With viewing the property virtually, you can easily gain a fair idea about the overall layout of the property, similarly to how you would if you visit the property in person. A virtual walkthrough can give you a clearer idea of the original sizes and dimensions of rooms and porches, as compared to when people put up pictures using camera techniques to make properties look bigger than they are in reality. 

Disadvantages of Virtual House Tours in Pakistan 

Virtual tourism is taking the real estate industry by storm, not just in global markets but in Pakistan as well. However, there’s always a few disadvantages to excessive use of technology; we have compiled a few cons of using virtual home tours; 

  • Insights on Neighbourhood  
  • Lack of Physical Connection 
  • Interaction with Property Owner

Insights on Neighbourhood

The virtual tour for real estate may provide you a super realistic portrayal of the property, features, prices and everything related to the property except the neighbourhood. You can only be aware of the surroundings of the neighbourhood if you know about it prior to looking at the property. 

Locality plays a vital role in the decision-making process for genuine property buyers. Virtual tours may provide uncertainty. Let’s say you found a home you loved, but the neighbourhood was unsafe or just not up to the mark. What would you do if you have finalised the deal too?

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of depending on virtual tours for property purchase. You can only get the real experience of the property and the neighbourhood if you choose to visit the site in-person. 

However, it doesn’t have to be a complete deal-breaker. Instead of visiting a number of properties in person, you can go through a few options and shortlist the ones you like. Once you have a list, you can go visit these properties to get a feel of the locality in order to make the perfect decision. 

Lack of Physical Connection 

Virtual walkthroughs for properties might help you see the real dimensions, including the condition of the house, there will still be a human factor missing from it all.

Little things such as the temperature of the house, how it smells, and general atmosphere can only be assessed in person. 

Some houses are generally very cold, because of the building material used in the structure, while others are extremely hot. You will only know these things if you visit the house. 

In scenarios where you are buying or choosing to rent a fully furnished house, virtual tour would not only help you determine whether or not the furniture is in good shape. 

Similarly, establishing a physical interaction and connection with the prospective house is a must for anyone who is thinking of buying a home. 

In all the cases mentioned above, lacking physical interaction can be a great disadvantage. 

Interaction with the Property Owner

Phone-based interactions are completely different from face-to-face discussions. Imagine, finding a house you love virtually, only to find out that there are a number of repairs needed but the landlord, or owner is not ready to implement them. 

Meeting the owner is an essential part of the initial process when looking for a house to buy. It helps you create an understanding with the owner in order to proceed with the purchase. If you can’t visit them personally, you can arrange a video call or a meeting with the landlord just before you make a decision. 

In a Nutshell…

Virtual tours for real estate can be an amazing idea – they are unique, comfortable, convenient, reliable, cost-effective, and time saving. However, the downside to virtual tours can be a bit taxing as well, but nothing that you can’t overcome with a few smart tricks. 

We have listed a few pros and cons of virtual home tours in Pakistan for you, so that you can make an informed decision. 

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