PM Imran Khan Reveals the Details of Karachi Transformation Plan

Prime Minister Imran Khan reveals the details of Karachi Transformation Plan worth PKR 1.1 trillion on his official Facebook page.

Earlier in September, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced a development project for Karachi that costs PKR 1.1 trillion. The project had been announced after the recent natural catastrophe and urban flooding in the city.

According to the premier, Karachi Transformation Plan is set to complete within the tenure of three years. The administration and supervision of the project will be shared by the Federal Government, Government of Sindh, and the Frontier Works Organisation. 

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Following the same announcement, Imran Khan revealed the details of the project on his official Facebook page and said, “Karachi’s drainage and sewerage issues were brought into national focus last month after widespread devastation and dozens left dead”.

The announcement also mentioned that the premier had noticed and assigned all stakeholders to work on a special package from the Federal Government to resolve the city’s problems”.

Premier termed the transformation plan as a ‘historic’ financial package that will address the chronic issues in the city related to municipal and infrastructure. 

Let’s take a look at the details of PKR 1.1 trillion Karachi Transformation Plan.

Details of Karachi Transformation Plan

According to the official Facebook page of Prime Minister Imran Khan, details of PKR 1.1 trillion Karachi Transformation Plan is mentioned below: 

  • PKR 92 billion out of PKR 1.1113 billion will be dedicated to water supply projects. 
  • Sewage system of the city will be treated for PKR 141 billion. 
  • Package of PKR 267 billion has been earmarked for solid waste management, storm-water drain clearance, and resettlement of illegally built neighbourhoods. 
  • Roads and infrastructure of the city will be developed for PKR 41 billion. 
  • PKR 572 billion for mass transit, rail, and road transport. 

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