Park Enclave – The Jewel of Islamabad

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Park Enclave, Islamabad is a project of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Located close to Rawal Lake, it is an exceptional real estate project that isn’t only linked to the major arteries of the capital city, but is also home to cutting-edge facilities. 

In this blog, we will take you on a virtual tour of the project. We will discuss the location, investment opportunities, and property prices for the Park Enclave project. 

Let’s begin! 

About Park Enclave, Islamabad 

About Park Enclave
Park Enclave, Islamabad is linked to major roads in the city

Nobody can deny the fact that any CDA approved project is whole-heartedly embraced and greatly celebrated by real estate seekers and investors across the country. 

Park Enclave – the garden of comforts – is a gated community and boasts an outstanding mix of infrastructure, accessibility, amenities, and greenery. According to the CDA development plans, the project will enhance the overall beauty of the capital city, making it one of the most anticipated projects. 

Moving ahead, we’ll take a closer look at the location of Park Enclave. 

Park Enclave Location

Sitting near the outskirts of the capital city, Park Enclave occupies a near-perfect location. Bani Gala and Faizabad Chowk are situated nearby while it is highly linked to Srinagar Highway and Murree Road. 

The project is also accessible via Park Road and Kurri Road intersection. Some nearby neighbourhoods are Satellite Town and Shalimar Town. 

While there are various amenities within the housing society, one of its highlights is that it is approximately 4 kilometres from the Islamabad Club – a recreational spot.

Living Facilities in Park Enclave, Islamabad 

There are a number of facilities in Park Enclave which makes the project extremely anticipated. We have listed all of them below: 

  • Gated community with extensive security measures 
  • The project has wide streets and 150 ft main boulevards 
  • Arrangements for underground electricity cabling and Sui gas system
  • Continuous water supply 
  • Carpeted roads with green belts
  • Reliable sewerage and drainage system 
  • Solid Waste Management System with Energy Waste Treatment Plant 
  • Efficient road cleaning and greenery maintenance services 
  • Mechanism for Rainwater Harvesting in the Society 
  • Optical Fibre Network for uninterrupted broadband connectivity 
  • Open-air restaurants with artificial lakes and walking tracks 
  • Lush green parks and play areas for kids  
  • Well-lit streets  
  • Cricket stadiums, jogging tracks, and sports grounds
  • Exclusive club house with fitness centres
  • Educational institutions and healthcare centres
  • Mosques and prayer areas 

Properties for Sale in Park Enclave 

Looking for properties for sale in Islamabad? Let’s give you an overview of the property prices investment options in the Park Enclave project.

As per the latest updates on Park Enclave, the first two phases of the project have already been completed and launched, while the third phase is in process. Phase 1 and 2 boast residential plots ranging from 1-2 kanal. 

Keeping the affordability factor in mind, CDA plans to make the housing project available for property investors. The additional phase 3 of the project is set to provide varieties to the investors in terms of sizes. 

According to the latest updates, Phase 3 will feature plots for sale ranging between 5, 7, 10 and 14 marla. 

Payment Plans for Park Enclave 

The Capital Development Authority has introduced the following payment plan on their official website: 

  • There is a 10% upfront payment when you submit the application form 
  • You will be required to make a 15% payment within one month of the issuance of your allotment letter
  • Make a 15% payment within the four months after the issuance of the allotment letter 
  • 15% payment within the seven months after the issuance of the allotment letter 
  • Pay 15% of the amount within the ten months after the issuance of allotment letter
  • You will be required to make 15% payment within the thirteen months after the issuance of allotment letter 
  • Within the sixteen months of getting possession, you will pay 15% 

If you are considering investing in the project on the basis of these payment plans, you will get a rebate of 5% on full payment. 

If you’re thinking about property investment in Islamabad, Park Enclave is the project you should be looking at – especially if you want a safe and secure environment with various amenities. 

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