Visiting Mohatta Palace: A Symbol of Eternal Love in Karachi

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Karachi – the city of lights – is home to numerous architectural wonders such as Frere Hall, Empress Market and a lot of other monuments built under the British Raj. Amongst these many architectures, one of the most visited and highly appreciated works of architects is the Mohatta Palace. Visiting Mohatta palace, karachi would make an amazing day trip for anyone who enjoys architecture and history.

The Mohatta Palace is counted among the famous and most unique spots in Karachi. If we analyze the history of this place, we can see that the palace is a symbol of eternal love and hope. Not to mention, the backstory of this place shares common ground with Taj Mahal since both places were built by individuals who were deeply in love with their spouses.   

In this blog, we will give you a virtual tour of this amazing tourist site in the City of Lights, along with its history, ticket prices, and timings.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

History of Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Mohatta palace was named after the businessman Shivratan Mohatta

Mohatta Palace is named after Shivratan Mohatta – a well-known businessman during British Raj. The businessman was compelled to make his ill wife better again at a doctor’s suggestion, so he decided to take her somewhere with fresh air. 

With an aim to build a summer house for his ill wife, the businessman initiated the construction of Mohatta Palace near the coast of Clifton Beach. After the partition, Mohatta family eventually moved out of the palace and it was then given to Fatima Jinnah – the sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The Governor of Sindh later turned it into a museum of history and kept the legacy alive by opening it to tourists in Karachi. 

Location of Mohatta Palace in Karachi

Situated on Hatim Alvi Road, Mohatta Palace is surrounded by some of the most beautiful parks in Karachi including Amir Khusro Park, Zamzama Park, Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim, and Benazir Park. 

It is in close proximity to Clifton Beach and British Council Library. Meanwhile, Shahrah-e-Iran stretches to the west of this tourist site. 

Some famous landmarks in the neighbourhood are:

  • Do Talwar is 900 metres from here 
  • Driving License Office is 5-min walk away  
  • Zamzama Medical Centre is at a distance of 4-min 
  • Old Clifton Park is not more than 2-min drive from Mohatta Palace 

Moreover, the locality of Mohatta Palace is connected with the top neighbourhoods of the city. Some mentions in this regard are DHA Defence, Clifton, Zamzama, and Karachi Cantt.

Mohatta Palace Address: 7 Hatim Alvi Road, Block 5, Old Clifton, Karachi. 

Architecture of Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi 

The Mohatta Palace stretches over an area of 18,000 square feet, making it one of the only structures large enough to exist in the subcontinent. You can easily see the beautiful interiors of the palace by searching the ‘Mohatta Palace pics’ if you don’t plan on visiting anytime soon.

The interiors of the palace are intricately put together by Mr. Agha Ahmed Husain who designed the Mohatta Palace in an extremely Anglo-Mughal style with Gizri limestone and pink Jodhpur stones. 

All these components make the place extremely mesmerising and not only does it add visual appeal, but also gives it a cool and sturdy texture to support it against the corroding winds from the sea. 

Furthermore, the architecture of Mohatta Palace also includes several attractive and outstanding features that make this palace a treat to look at. 

There are multiple rooms in the Mohatta Palace: each has a splendid luxurious look, with a royal setting. 

The domes inside the museum were built in a manner that they face one another diagonally. The plan of the palace is divided into three major parts including: 

  • Basement 
  • Ground floor
  • First floor 

The interiors keep you engaged in a bubble of fascination, with its beautifully coloured windows that you witness as soon as you enter the palace. Combined with the stone wall, these windows seem to be one of the greatest architectural wonders to ever exist. A large number of tourists, locals, and institutes have been visiting Mohatta palace, Karachi, to take in the historical importance and beauty of the monument.  

Mohatta Palace Timings

These are the operational timings of Mohatta Palace: 

Tuesday to Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM

Note: Mohatta Palace remains closed on Mondays. 

Mohatta Palace Ticket Prices

If you want to visit this tourist attraction in Karachi, we have mentioned the ticket prices of Mohatta Palace below:

Mohatta Palace Ticket Prices: PKR 30

Restaurants Near Mohatta Palace

The food street of boat basin is just a few km from the palace if you’re looking for restaurants near Mohatta Palace. Here are some of the eateries that are worth trying: 

  • Flamingo Juice and Chaat
  • Jan’s Broast
  • Del Frio
  • KFC 
  • Pizza Hut 
  • Tandoori Hut
  • Tipu Burger 

Moreover, if you have a sweet tooth, you can pay a visit to Baloch Ice-Cream which is situated extremely close to the eateries mentioned above. 

We hope that our detailed guide will be helpful when you plan on visiting Mohatta Palace, Karachi. We have discussed its history, architecture, location and other essential information in this blog. 

Even though there were Mohatta Palace haunted rumours making their rounds, when you see the architecture, you can’t believe anything except what you see with your own eyes. With its roof giving you a clear view to the sea waves roaring up and down and crashing against the shore – you can’t help but think of the Mohatta Palace as a beautiful, elegant, and an amazing token of love.

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