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Pakistan’s real estate industry is unique and you can judge our statement by the fact that plot size conversions are different in each region of the country and completely opposite of what’s being practiced in the world. Marla and kanal are the units used in some parts while others measure in acres, square feet, and square yards. In this blog, we will explain how to easily convert marla to square feet and other units easily. 

Let’s begin! 

Understanding the Basic Units Used in Pakistan 

square foot
Gazz is the most commonly used measuring unit in Sindh.

As mentioned earlier, understanding Pakistan’s property market is a tough nut to crack. Hence, we’ve helped you with buying a property in Pakistan previously. Continuing with the same efforts, let’s understand the most basic units for measuring land area that are popularly used across Pakistan: 

  • Square Feet
  • Square Metres
  • Square Yards
  • Marla
  • Kanal
  • Acres
  • Murabba
  • Hectares

Square Feet

A square feet (sq ft) is a unit of measurement equal to a square with the length of one foot.
The symbol used to denote square feet is ft2.

Square Metres

Square metres can be better explained by a square whose sides are a metre each. The unit is usually used for measuring houses, rooms, etc.
The symbol used to express square metres is m2.

Square Yards

Maybe you haven’t heard of square yards, but you must have heard about ‘gazz’.
It’s the most commonly used word in Pakistan, mostly in clothing markets, and articles are measured using gazz. Similar to square metres or square feet, it can be better explained by a square with the sides of the yard. Normally the plots for sale in Karachi are measured in square yards.
Gazz is the most common word used to express plot sizes in Karachi.


Except Sindh, marla is the most common and traditional unit measuring unit in South Asian countries. 1 marla is equal to 272.25 square feet, 25.29 square metres, or 30.25 square yards. 

Meanwhile, 160 marla makes 1 acre.

Fun fact: The unit marla & kanal dates back to the British rule in India.


It is an area of measurement used commonly in Northern Areas of Pakistan. To better understand this term, 20 marla equals to 1 kanal.


Most commonly used in the U.K and U.S.A, acre is a unit of measurement equals 4, 840 gazz (square yards), 4,047 square metres.


Murabba is a unique unit of measurement since it does not define a specified area, but a specified dimension. It is approximately equal to 25 acres of land. Murabba has been in use even before the British Raj.


A square with 100 metres sides is equal to a hectare. It is often confused with ‘acre’ but these are two different units of measurement. 

1 hectare is equal to almost 2.5 acres.

Converting Marla into Square Feet, Square Yard, Square Metre, and Other Units 

Now that we know what the most commonly used property measuring units are. Let’s see the most common plot size conversion. We’ll convert Marla into other units.

1 Marla272.25 ft2
1 Marla25.29 m2
1 Marla30.25 yd2
1 Marla0.05 Kanal   OR1 Kanal = 20 Marlas
1 Marla0.0062 Acres   OR1 Acre= 160 Marlas
1 Marla0.00025 Murabba   OR1 Murabba= 4,000 Marlas
1 Marla0.0025 Hectare   OR1 Hectare= 395 Marlas


As stated above, Marla is a unit of measurement used since the days of the British rule in India. Another interesting fact about Marla is that there are two ways of calculating marla in different regions of Pakistan:

  • 1 Marla = 272.27 ft2 – used for the recording of revenues.
  • 1 Marla = 250 ft2 – used by developing authorities and housing schemes.

Converting Marla into Square Feet, Square Metres, and Square Yards

To make it even easier for you, we’ll make a list that will make converting Marla into square feet, square yards and square metres easy for you:

1 Marla = 272.25 Square Feet

Note: This unit is standardly used for the measurement of revenue records.

MarlaSquare FeetSquare MetresSquare Yards (Gazz)

1 Marla = 250 Square Feet

Note: Municipal authorities and private housing schemes use these conversion units. 

MarlaSquare FeetSquare MetresSquare Yards (Gazz)

Online Conversion Calculators 

Plot size conversion
There are two ways of calculating Marla.

There is no need for you to do proper calculations, the internet is full of online calculators that will help you keep sane while figuring out the size of a plot you want to buy. All you need to do is out the data in these calculators, and they’ll generate the answers for you. 

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