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Pakistani authorities are now making significant efforts to encourage the idea of e-government in the country in order to stay in the limelight of the current digital era. So to do just that, they have made available the maximum use of emerging tools for the purpose of encouraging people to use digital platforms and smartphone applications to stay connected with the government.

The recent digitization of the urban registration system in Sindh and Punjab is one of the main innovations in this regard. You can verify land ownership digitally in Pakistan with this new online property registration digital program.

All the land and property records, depending on your location, is available on the official website of Punjab zameen or Sindh zameen. We understand how difficult it can be for a newbie to understand the dynamics of how to check the record online and so, we are here to walk you through the step-by-step procedure:

  • As stated above, you are required to visit the official website, Punjab zameen or Sindh zameen, whichever suits your location. When you land on the website homepage, you will need to render several choices and fill in different fields to check for your desired land registration.
  • Firstly, choose your district from the drop-down menu bar. You are asked to choose a district where the property is situated.
  • Next, pick your designated tehsil/taluka from a drop-down bar, located right next to the first one.
  • Afterward, pick the property region from the menu.
  • If you specify the search criteria, you’ll have three choices to choose from by default, which means you can either search for a property by cnic, name or khewat number (property number).
  • If you just want to check through cnic then you must write your cnic’s 14 digit numbers.

That’s all you’ve to do in order to check property registration online and then all relevant data will appear before your screen.

On a side note, remaining provinces comprising  balochistan and kpk, along with federal and autonomous territories such as islamabad, gilgit and kashmir, are yet to launch their online property registration portals.  Earlier in 2012, the government of balochistan announced that it is going to launch an online property registration portal very soon. However, the decision hasn’t been implemented.

LRMIS (Land Record Management Information System)

Punjab’s land record management information system (lrims) and sindh’s land administration and record management information system (larims) are electronic databases operated by each of these provinces’ respective registration authorities. Such online networks were introduced to address the land management issues faced by the country’s property owners.

Creating a digitally managed robust land ownership for monitoring database, will revolutionize the real estate sector and play a vital role in eradicating illegal land mafia activities in the country. One of the main benefits of using the land record management information system (lrims) in punjab and the land administration and record management information system (larims) in sindh is that you can immediately verify whether or not the national database regulatory authority (nadra) has authenticated the land record that you are searching for. It helps to curb the on-going scamming process that has been continued for generations.

The digitization of the urban land record system, as mentioned earlier, is also expected to have a significant effect on the local real estate industry, prompting more real estate investments in Pakistan.

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