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Ramadan is just around the corner and covid-19 is not showing any signs of moving out of the way. This blessed month starts upon us shrouded in many uncertainties; uncertainties we had never imagined. A few questions on the minds of muslims, who have always enjoyed ramadan for its spirit of collectiveness are; how will we offer tarawih prayer? No more grand iftars? End of iftars at the mosque? What about eid prayer? Can we still receive the same blessings? Not being able to do all these things is bound to create a feeling of disconnection in ramadan. With all of this, there is still one thing that will not change and will height during ramadan is the concept of “giving back” beyond the annual zakat.


Virtual iftars

Lockdowns and social distancing measures will make it impossible to invite friends and relatives over to break the fast together unless the pandemic dies down before the eid holiday, which is unlikely. To compensate for this lack of social interaction, muslims can use technologies such as zoom to arrange communal online iftars.


Taravih and e’tikaf at home

One of the ramadan traditions that will be impacted is the nightly taravih prayer. Each night in ramadan, muslims gather at mosques for an additional prayer known as taravih. This ramadan offer taravih in the congregation at home. During the day prepare yourself for taravih by memorizing few verses.


The other ramadan tradition that will be affected due to corona is e’tikaf. Muslims perform this spiritual exercise in the final ten days of ramadan to self-isolate from the world and live in a mosque for the sole purpose of getting closer to the almighty. This ramadan experience e’tikaf in your own homes.

Online charity

Ramadan is a time to help those who are less fortunate. Throughout the month fundraising events are held to donate and show kindness. But this ramadan, all charity efforts and fundraising are expected to take place through online donations.

Ramadan at home can be a blessing in disguise. Now, with more time, an opportunity is at our doorstep; to finally make the Quran a companion in our lives. We know iftar get-togethers are enjoyable and enriching, but they are not the sole purpose of ramadan. Fasting, self-control, and charity can still take place in lockdown. We should embrace our current circumstances as a blessing and an opportunity to become closer to allah (swt).


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